S01E03 That Which Cannot Be Unseen

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission
Story by: Ezra Helmer & Raymond Dale
Artwork by Kim Finney
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Mon Apr 2nd, 2018 @ 9:32pm

Mission Summary

With the Klingons left in the dust, the starship Musashi continues onward traversing space and seizing the opportunities that a rest from conflict with the Klingon Empire. Now finally able to return to a time of scientific exploration, The USS and its crew voyage onward into the final frontier where they proceed through uncharted sectors of space. While routinely charting a few star systems on their way back to Federation space, the Musashi pick up a strange signal from a nearby nebula.

Commander Samuels, Acting Captain of the Musashi calls for the starship to proceed to the coordinates of the nebula under yellow alert conditions. Once the starship Musashi arrives however, they discovery that they are not alone in the nebula. Discovering another starship adrift and another alien object within the nebula, they move in to investigate the derelict vessel only to learn the identity of the other starhip is the USS Musashi.

A scan of the derelict Musashi yields no signs of life, but there appears to be no external damage to the ship. Attempts to hail the other Musashi go unanswered leading to Samuels ordering a boarding party to investigate further. What they find aboard disturbs them: the entire crew deceased. The Science Department concludes that the other Musashi is temporally displaced, having somehow traveled back in time, but only several hours difference. The crew now know their fate, but it is up to them to shatter death's hour glass and break destiny's merciless grip. Their investigation leads them to transporting aboard an alien object that appears to be some sort of capsule. Unbeknownst to them the very thing in the capsule is what will bring them straight to death's threshold. Meanwhile, Captain Donatella Figueroa and her Second Officer are off the starship on a mission of peace and hospitality.