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Commander K'Niras Sh'howul

Name K'Niras Mekow Sh'howul

Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 66

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 128 lbs.
Hair Color Black, orange, red and blond
Eye Color Golden green
Physical Description K'Niras is rather small for a Caitian male. He stands and short 5'8" and has a light frame. His tail is slender and long and his fur is mottled in color. If he were an earth cat his coat pattern would be called a tortoiseshell. His eyes are a golden green in color. He keeps his fur neat and clean and his claws clean and sharp. He often smells nice.


Spouse Single
Children NA
Father Caturs S'huvih Sh'howul
Mother Nohie M'rokeo Sh'howul
Brother(s) Nurar
Sister(s) R'yuhr
Other Family Maternal Aunt - Shahoh Sh'howul
Cousins - Cikukw (M), Desiss (F), Hurokl (F), Shehesa (F), Nehiya (F), Guruh (M), M'vusw (M), M'siyuo (F)
Paternal Uncle - Damass S'huvih R'suta
Paternal Aunt - Nurine R'suta

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'Niras is a curious individual. His curiosity has been his driving force most of his life. He's learned that in the desire to have all of his questions answered sometimes it is best to just listen. He's also learned stealth and discretion. Even if he knew his parents would be furious that he was demolishing something to learn how it worked or what its characteristics were, that never stopped him from feeding his curious mind. He has never stopped seeking answers and new information.

Even through all this curiosity K'Niras isn't really the type to jump first and ask questions later. He has some rather deep rooted fears about making the wrong decision. This leads to him waffling a lot in his decision making process. He can also be rather cowardly. As the runt of his litter he was often picked on or pounced on my his larger siblings. He still fears those sorts of attacks, even though the fear is now irrational. Physical confrontation is not his cup of tea.

He is a loyal friend and an even more loyal Starfleet member. K'Niras has been an exemplary officer in his short service history. He believes strongly in their principles of exploration and discovery. He is dedicated to a fault.
Strengths & Weaknesses -K'Niras is dedicated. He does have a lot of interests, but once he settles on something he can dedicated to the point of obsession.

-He is loyal. Even though it is a trait of his people to be loyal, he is still a very loyal officer to Starfleet as well. He seems to keep track of the "rules" and sometimes can come across as bossy by reciting them.

-He has a hard time making up his mind. Once it is made up he will often follow through with something to its conclusion, but initial decisions can be something he has a hard time settling on.

-He's a lover, not a fighter. He's learned to be stealthy instead.
Ambitions K'Niras truly wishes to learn all the languages. Literally all of them. He knows that as a goal and ambition that it is sort of unrealistic to expect to achieve it in his lifetime, but he is dedicated to trying.

He is also interested in upward mobility in Starfleet and might even entertain being the first Caitian captain of his own ship someday.
Hobbies & Interests K'Niras enjoys Martial Arts of any sort. He loves to research different types from all over the galaxy and has a soft spot for kinds that are very obscure. He also likes jogging and dance. He's not picky about the type of dance either, and very much enjoys learning new techniques and about how other species like to dance.

He also likes to tinker. Often, some sort of small project can be found strew about his quarters. He especially likes to build things that fly and many of those are also remote controlled. He has developed several different types of small automated robots that can perform simple daily tasks. He has also compiled and cataloged all sorts of engineering schematics and used these to build his inventions. He has them stored in an interactive unit that is activated with voice commands and will produce whatever schematic he needs on demand. He knows that these creations are obsolete, but he enjoys creating them anyway.

Personal History K'Niras was born on the Caitian homeworld, Cait (Ferasa) in Mrowan City, spring, 2228. He was one of a litter of five kits, as the youngest child and the runt. He was raised in a family group, like most Caitian litters, with a few adults watching the kits all the time. His mother's sister had recently lost her mate and brought her own kits to live with K'Niras' family. There was not really anything remarkable about his upbringing. He was a curious kit and had a lot of skill in stalking and hiding from his brothers and sisters, as well as his numerous playmates and was the only one in his litter to earn a name starting with a "K", signifying his skill in hunting and stealth.

At Starfleet Academy K'Niras found it hard to settle on what he wanted to do, but his love for languages finally won out. He tried to learn as many he could while at the Academy, even going to professors of different races to learn languages the Academy didn't teach. Being Caitian, he excelled at all of his hearing and differentiation tests and quickly made his way to the top of his class in picking out frequencies and ranges.

He also found a love for tinkering and even though his focus was in communications he discovered a passion for learning the inner workings of a starship as well. Some of it was needed in the maintenance needed for the amplifier for the communications system. No sense in knowing how to run it, but not knowing how to repair it. He was a very adept student and his smaller stature made it easy for him to crawl into tight spaces for repair.

K'Niras spent several years aboard the U.S.S. Musashi. He was their Communications Officer, their Executive Officer and their Chief Engineer in his time there. He enjoyed serving under her Captain. He rose quickly in rank going from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander during his time served. After his time aboard the Musashi, K'Niras, surprisingly decided he needed a break from space and was quickly offered a position teaching at Starfleet Academy.

He spent the better part of 35 years teaching at the Academy. He taught classes in Engineering, Communications and Command. He enjoyed warp theory and added several more languages to his ever growing list. In 2294, he was asked to return to service to be the Executive Officer aboard the U.S.S. Musashi-B.
Service Record 2228: Born, Cait, Mrowan City

2246 - 2250 : Attended Starfleet Academy
-Subspace frequencies and amplifier use

2250 - 2252 : Command Training, Starfleet Academy

2252 - 2255 : Ensign - Lieutenant, Junior Communication Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise

2255 : Lieutenant, Communication Chief, U.S.S. Musashi

2255: Lieutenant, Chief Engineer & First Officer, U.S.S. Musashi

2256 - 2257: Lieutenant, Chief Engineer & First Officer, U.S.S. Musashi-A

2257 - 2294: Taught at Starfleet Academy (Communications, Engineering, Command)

2294: Commander, Assigned Executive Officer, U.S.S. Musashi-B