Season 1

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Missions spanning the years 2255 to 2256

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Included Missions

[Unused] "Chrysalis on the Santa Mira"

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With Captain Figueroa and her crew 'grounded' until the USS Musashi-A is cleared to launch, a team is quickly assembled under the leadership of the Musashi's First Officer, Lieutenant K'Niras Sh'howul to investigate the disappearance of the USS Santa Mira, a Federation scout ship with a crew compliment of 14 souls. What awaits K'Niras and his team is the USS Santa Mira a drift and encased in strange alien webbing.

S01E01 - At the Brink of Night

Post Count: 129


Story by: Raymond Dale
Artwork by Kim Finney

S01E02 D-8 With the Devil

Post Count: 127


Story by: Raymond Dale

Artwork by: Kim Finney

S01E03 That Which Cannot Be Unseen

Post Count: 19

Story by: Ezra Helmer & Raymond Dale
Artwork by Kim Finney

S01E04 The Outpost Has Eyes

Post Count: 102

Story by: Raymond Dale
Artwork by Kim Finney

S01E05 ConQstador

Post Count: 59

Story by: Raymond Dale & Jamie Slingsby

Artwork by: Kim Finney