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Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa

Name Donatella Figueroa

Position Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A tall slender woman with a long narrow face, her peculiarly shaped facial features draw attention to her. Though her looks are rather plain. She has a lengthy nose somewhat pointed at the end. Her skin tone is naturally on the the lighter side, but she is a lover of sunbathing and tanning even if it is highly against medical advice. She wears her long brown roasted chestnut colored hair down sometimes straight yet at other times wavy or curly. Her posture is decent, but she typically is not very concerned with her posture. Her stances teeter between sultry and judgmental. Though slender, her figure is rather curvaceous and voluptuous. Her lips are full and Donatella is a woman who is very comfortable in civilian clothing. The uniform feels more like a costume to her, but a necessary one to wear at times.


Other Family Judith Chesapeake - Niece age 7 (2255) USS Providence Records Officer age 22 (2270)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Donatella Figueroa is woman who knows what she wants and sets out to get it, sometimes this means by any means deemed necessary. She is not afraid to flirt or flaunt any of her assets. Though her greatest asset is her intellect. However, sometimes it still feels like she is a participant in a gentleman's club. There are times when Donatella is seated at a table with men who seem stuck in time of centuries past, not willing to take a strong intelligent woman seriously, especially one who is discussing Federation Politics, History, and Diplomacy.

Donatella embodies charisma and oozes confidence. She has the ability to project authority and can get people to throw their support behind her. Her personality and confidence does draw in crowds, but her personality can also rub people the wrong way. She is often passionate to the point of being hell bent on a goal and can become pretty ruthless in these pursuits. Her personality is often a bit too strong for people to handle in large extended doses. Going against the grain is just a matter of life for her.

The war has soured her a bit and perverted her sense of ethics. Her lust for revenge on the Klingons may lead her astray as will the fact the war damaged her moral compass. She will push herself hard and flirt with the aspect of crossing lines that should not be crossed. It is important that Fig have a strong support system and someone to keep her in check for the betterment of the crew and safety of the starship.

Personal History They say that time heals all wounds. They say a lot of things, whoever they are. Though it may be true that in time wounds heal, but some wounds are just too God damn deep. A lot men and women fought in the Four Years War, men and women from all across the stars. Some came home while others did not, but even those who were 'fortunate' enough to come home never quite returned home the same. Donatella Figuerora, “Fig” left home a feisty free spirited girl, her eyes full of wonder, but by the time the Klingons were done with her she was a spunky steely eyed woman, bent to her breaking point yet not quite snapped. She was pliable whereas others were not.

Her life began as simple as any other ordinary child. She was born in 2209 in the United Federation of Planets. She was a homegrown Earth girl born and raised in the Veneto region of what once made of of the country Italy. Her father was fully human as was her mother. Donatella came from a family of a historically blended and rich heritage that included Spanish, Italian, and Greek though none of that was important. A prominent ancestors in her family's history both were on her mother's side, Ellen Ochoa a female astronaut from Earth's old NASA space program and Earth Starfleet Captain Erika Hernandez, Commanding Officer of the NX-02 Columbia. Hearing stories about them both as a child made Fig really want to grow up and explore the stars.

A naturally inquisitive girl, as soon as she could walk and talk, she little Fig was always getting into things and getting herself into a bunch of trouble. Falling out of trees was a somewhat repetitive occurrence for her, having sprained, fractured, or broken several dozen bones in her body between the ages of six and sixteen. She was an avid outdoors girl who loved sleeping out underneath the stars and going camping with her family. “Roughing it” was not a problem for her. She could live a very rustic lifestyle and be quite happy. However, she did not look like the average tomboy. She preferred dresses to pants and blouses to tee shirts.

During her schooling years, she found herself very drawn to History more than any other subject. Something about not forgetting the past and holding onto what has been really spoke to her. Little could she even imagine at the time that one day she would play a big part in Federation History. She remained very much an outdoorsy type and was a Girl Scout for years. She made it through basic schooling just fine with grades that were nothing to scoff at. She was involved in some extra curricular activities as a teenager including theatre, field hockey, and the debate team at the private school she attended.

She had very little trouble getting into a a good University on Earth albeit she really wanted to attend school on another planet. Instead, she stayed on Earth and attended Sweet Briar College, a historically women's college where she majored in Federation Government and minored in History. Her parents pushed her pretty hard and she pushed herself even further. Her ideal career was to end up serving at a Federation embassy or consulate somewhere on some far off alien planet. Her grades were nearly flawless and she graduated with honors from Sweet Briar, earning a Bachelors of Art.

Fig was not yet ready to put the books down. She was afraid that she was lost and did not know where she was going in life. She ended up enrolling at the Federation War College pursuing a Masters degree in Strategic Studies. The two years went by fairly quickly for her. It was 2233 and Donatella was twenty four year old young, confident woman with a brain packed full of History and Strategic knowledge. She could practically recite the weekly events of the Earth-Romulan War and tell you about the significance of the NX-01 Enterprise.

With a good education under her belt, a solid head on her shoulders, and a determination to do well in life, she took her knowledge and general know how, mixed it with her passions and found herself in a city called Bozeman working Curator for the Zefram Cochrane Space Museum. It was interesting work, but lacked the thrill and excitement she was looking for. However, her parents were quite pleased to see her on the ground rather than above lost in the stars. Several months passed before Donatella made a rather small decision that would change her life. She decided that she could stay on Earth most of the time and still pursue her dreams to an extent. Donatella went to a Starfleet Recruitment Center and joined the fleet...partially. She joined the United Federation of Planets Starfleet Reserves. Her education earned her an officer's commission after successfully completing training. She could continue her work as Museum Curator, it just meant being gone for a few weeks throughout the year, mostly just quick trips to Mars or Luna. It was nothing too dangerous nor exciting, but she would be damned if she'd tell her parents. She kept her being a reservist from them for as long as she could.

She slowly but surely climbed her way in ranks while being reservist, but tensions between the alien species known as Klingons and the Federation was quickly on the rise. Small conflicts and skirmishes worsened the political atmosphere to the point where the Empire was turning a cold shoulder to the Federation's best efforts to repair the foreign relations. They were getting nowhere. The 'Humans' could not see the way the Klingons needed them to. The Vulcans, logically seeing and weighing the potential results of a full on war sought to intervene and take over the diplomatic negotiations for the Federation with the Klingon Empire. Their efforts were ineffective. The Klingons grew more brazen and hostile. The Federation started pulling citizens out of consulates and embassies, evacuating colonies near contested space in fear of Klingon provocation.

Starfleet Reservist were being pulled into to active duty, and Donatella won that lottery. She was moved from reservist to active duty and given an actual assignment. She was posted to the USS Pioneer in Operations Division. She served as the Captain's personal Yeoman with the rank of Lieutenant. It was nothing more than a glorified secretarial job, but she was in space and she was proud to serve in whatever capacity needed. Fortunately, she only would be delivering reports and passing PaDDs around for only about a year before Starfleet decided to capitalize on her usefulness and fully utilize her education and background.

She was transferred to the USS Essex, a Daedalus class starship as Ship's Historian in the Operations Division, holding the rank a full lieutenant. The Essex was a starship that was no stranger to combat. It was a vessel with distinguished history as fighting and surviving the Earth-Romulan War sometime prior. Her position did not put her in danger that often at least no more danger than everyone else just going about their business aboard the starship. However, she was part of a few landing parties on peaceful Federation member worlds or not hostile neutral planets. Her skills came in hand every now and then when the Captain or First Officer needed her knowledge of Federation history or researching the history and culture of the civilization they would be visiting.

It was a few years later when things with the Klingons really started to heat up. She wanted to be more heavily involved and part of the action. She briefly went to Starfleet Academy to take some courses on Astrogation and Stellar Cartography. This allowed her to gain certification as a capable navigator. Joining the crew of the USS Mayweather, Lieutenant Figueroa was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Ship's Navigator for the Mayweather whilst falling into the position of Second Officer for the starship's chain of command. She gained command experience aboard the Mayweather, standing watch for a shift and any time the Captain and First Officer were on landing parties.

A young Captain Kelvar Garth who would go down in Federation history as "Garth of Izar" was a crazy Izarian and starship Captain of the USS Xenophon. The Xenophon was in need of a new First Officer and the Mayweather's Commanding Officer and First Officer had put forth Fig's name for consideration. Kelvar met with the woman and was quite taken with her and she with him. He was everything she was looking for in a Captain and in a future husband. It was no surprise that they didn't initially act on their feelings, especially after she became his First Officer and ship's Navigator. However, skirmishes with the Klingons brought them awfully close and intimately entangled with one another.

Their fraternization was becoming more than just scuttlebutt around the starship and Garth and Fig could only 'kindly' promote and transfer crew so often. Fig was worried she was putting his career in jeopardy and potentially hers as well. She decided to leave the Xenophon and take up a teaching position at Starfleet Academy which she held for a brief period of time. She was betrothed to Garth and out of his chain of command. The USS Xenophon would continue on, but something had changed in Garth. He was no longer the Kelvar Garth she knew and he committed terrible acts, criminal acts that had him court martialed. Fig had no choice but to help the prosecution put the man she loved away in a mental rehabilitation center.

Commander Figueroa left teaching behind when the USS Musashi was offered to her. She accepted the command of the Ares class starship and took it into battle against the Klingon forces in the Four Years War. The USS Musashi was more than a work horse, it was a war horse. It did not take long for the USS Musashi to need a fresh coat of paint and was given a quick refitting for more speed and an increase of weapons power. Figueroa was promoted in rank to Captain and commanded her starship for a handful of years throughout the war and into "peace time" which was nothing more than a few moments of catching their breath.

Captain Figueroa's starship had suffered heavy damage, a severely high number of casualties during her tenure as the starship's Captain, and she herself had spent several weeks as a Klingon Prisoner of War after she lead a botched rescue mission attempting to free hostages the Klingons had taken and made of her own crew. She too became a prisoner. She was later released, the Klingon forces were pushed back temporarily. The Federation and the Klingon Empire were one again engaged in a heated war. The USS Musashi had to undergo repairs and an almost entirely new crew had been assigned including: Victor Miller, Christopher Samuels, Ethan O'Donoghue, K'Niras Sh'howul, Fethraie D'Darra and Dr. Ezekiel Hill.
Service Record Earth - Starfleet Reservist
USS Pioneer - Captain's Yeoman
USS Essex - Ship's Historian
USS Mayweather - Second Officer / Navigator
USS Xenophon - Executive Officer / Navigator
Starfleet Academy - Instructor
USS Musashi - Commanding Officer
USS Musashi-A - Commanding Officer