The Sim

Born and bred in Theta Fleet, the USS Musashi is a simm built with ambition and reinforced with passion, determination, and dedication. Formulated as a concept Summer 2017 by July, she soon made her debut as part of Theta Fleet's Area 51 and became one of its Task Group Flagships. From July 2017 - August 2020 the USS Musashi transitioned from an Ares class starship to a Sentinel class starship with missions running through the 2250s taking into account the fan film Prelude to Axanar, Star Trek: Discovery, and the Original Series.

In September 2020 the simm underwent a complete overhaul. With a new site, a new crew with some familiar writers, and a new direction, the USS Musashi was rebranded and reborn. This time with a Shangri-la class attack cruiser and tackling adventures set during the end of "The Movie Era" set in the 2390s during a time of groundbreaking peace between the Federation and their long time nemesis, the Klingon Empire.