Deck Listing

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Deck Zero

Upper Navigational Dome

Deck One

Main Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Room, Tactical Situation Room, Small Auxiliary Armory

Deck Two

Primary Sensor Control Room, Navigational Sensors, Probe Assembly, Main Computer Controls, Data Processing.

Deck Three

Chief Science Officer's Office, Science Laboratories - Astrosciences.

Deck Four

Captain's Cabin, Senior Officers Cabins, Junior Officers Cabins, Auxiliary Conference Room, Science Laboratories - Biological & Geological, Primary Environmental Controls, Communications Center, Auxiliary Communications Juncture, Computer Core, Ship's Library.

Deck Five

Senior Enlisted Crew Cabins, Non-Commissioned Officers Cabins, Bowling Alley, Enlisted Personnel Mess, Turbolift Maintenance access, Impulse Engineering, Impulse Deflection Crystal, Fusion Reactors, Primary Life Support Systems - Environmental Controls, Lifeboats, Saucer Section Landing Struts.

Deck Six

Transporter Room 1, Primary Medical Bay, Medical Laboratories, Secondary Armory, Guest Cabins, Enlisted Crew Quarters, Junior Officer Cabins, Viewing Lounge, Explosive bolts for separation, Planetfall ramp, Auxiliary Fire Control, Laundry, Fabrication Facility, Banquet Hall, Auxilary Services.

Deck Seven

Security Chief's Officer, Temporary Holding Cells, Criminal Processing, Interrogation Rooms, Ship's Surveillance Control Room, Main Sensor Array Monitoring Station, VIP Cabins.

Deck Eight

Photon Torpedo Storage, Torpedo Exhaust Systems, Primary Armory, Brig, Auxilary Security Kōban.

Deck Nine

Power Transfer Conduits, Warp reactor core (top level, extends down to Deck 14), Aft photon torpedo launchers, Deflector Control Room.

Deck Ten

Main Engineering, Horizontal Intermix Chamber, Dilithium Reactor Room, Dilithium Storage, Engineering Computer Monitoring Room, Photon Torpedo Room, Torpedo Tubes, Docking Ports, Auxiliary Torpedo Fire Control, Transporter Room 2.

Deck Eleven

Power Converters (M/ARAs), Secondary Hull Main Battery Room, Chief Engineer's Office, Engineering Conference Room, Primary Maintenance, Turbolift Repair access.

Deck Twelve

Emergency Transporter, Auxiliary Batteries, Circuit Breaker, Shuttle Bay (Upper level) Flight Deck Observation Room.

Deck Thirteen

Shuttle parts storage, Shuttlebay - Hangar (lower level), Flight Deck.

Deck Fourteen

Cargo transporters, Cargo Bay 1, Cargo Bay 2, Shuttlecraft maintenance, Machine shops, Research & Development.

Deck Fifteen

The Quantum Lounge (Upper-Level Veranda), Promenade, Personnel Office, Recreational Halls, Gymnasium, Cargo Bay 3, Cargo Bay 4, Matter/antimatter storage, Tractor beam housing.

Deck Sixteen

The Quantum Lounge (Lower Level), Khitomer Café, Galley, Waste Reclamation, Water Tanks, Swimming Pool. Cargo Bay 5, Cargo Bay 6, Cargo Transporters, Matter/antimatter storage, Secondary Medical Bay, Morgue, Cold Storage, Ship's Chapel.