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A Matter of Maternity

Posted on Tue May 22nd, 2018 @ 4:06pm by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Commander K'Niras Sh'howul & Lieutenant Caleb Garcia PhD & Lieutenant Aeryn Vinia & Lieutenant Junior Grade Shras th'Zarath & Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethan O'Donoghue

Mission: S01E03 That Which Cannot Be Unseen
Location: USS Musashi | Deck 6 | Briefing Room

It was somewhere between the realms of being formal and informal, a gathering of several of the starship's officers (and in the case of Bartowski, an officer in the making) called to order by Captain Donatella Figueroa as one of her last acts of command of the USS Musashi before relinquishing command of her starship over to her First Officer. She had some time until she was due to give birth, but the estimated gestation period did have a margin of error cast in uncertainty due to the hybridity of the fetus. Acting in agreement with medical advice, Fig was going to enter an extended maternity leave for the last few months of her pregnancy.

The meeting was somewhat personal yet also professional. She wanted to keep the crew up to speed and of course explain Commander Samuel's absence from the conference room. Everyone had filed into the room within the past few minutes, dispersed about and took their seats. Captain Figueroa of course took the head of the table, but was not in her usual uniform. Instead of the sleek blue with gold trim, she was in a bit of loose fitting olive green wrap top with dark charcoal grey slacks. She stood up from her seat, the pregnancy definitely starting to show. It seemed as though the half-Klingon within her womb decided almost overnight to start showing as a rather plump bump in her midsection. "First off, I appreciate the support of this crew. As you can see this little warrior inside my womb is as eager to come out of me as I am for it to be out of my womb, but I still have some time left from our best medical knowledge and calculations," she said with a nod in Aeryn's direction.

Aeryn nodded slowly and temporized, for she knew the senor staff wasn't here for a medical journal explanation but for the basic facts. "It's hard to be precise without anything to form any comparisons. I speculate a shorter pregnancy than a human is accustomed to, but how much shorter I can't be certain at this time."

"It is under medical advice that I must announce formally, that I will be stepping down in the next several hours as Captain of this starship," she could read the response from the room. "Now, wait. Before you start running scenarios through your head... I'm not saying goodbye, I'm just saying see you later. I will be back and I will continue to be Commanding Officer when I return. However, command of the starship will be transferred to Commander Samuels in the meantime," she explained.

Of course Commander Samuels was not present for the meeting and that would undoubtedly go noticed immediately if not having been noted already by the crew. "The Commander is presently aboard Deep Space Station K-7 in a meeting with an Admiral, a meeting that I normally would be attending as Commanding Officer. Commander Samuels is going to need the support of this crew, support from each and every one of you as this starship continues onward with a mission of exploration."

K'Niras nodded. "I have faith this crew will not let you down, Captain," he said simply.

"As do I. This starship may not be branded with the name Enterprise, but I do believe that each and every one of you are some of the best and brightest that Starfleet has to offer," said Captain Figueroa as she looked around the room. "However, Commander Samuels will be without Lieutenant Sh'howul which means we have some personnel matters to deal with. Samuels will need an Acting Executive Officer. Communications is also a matter that needs handled."

EJ sat in the meeting. He always kept quiet in these situations, but he had to agree with the captain. "I have to agree with the captain, this is crew is some of the best and brightest I have had the honour of serving with," EJ said, smiling as he looked at everyone. "What? I'm not just a drunk who sits in the corner. I do have a voice," he said, looking at everyone. "Also, Captain, I'd like to put myself forward for the acting Executive officer," he said, smiling.

So, Samuels will be in command, this is certainly an interesting turn of events, Caleb Garcia mused to himself. He couldn't really speak to the man's command abilities, but he had a feeling they would all be in for an interesting ride. He had wondered if the Captain would really be back, if Starfleet would find some way to stick her on desk duty, but he had learned never to underestimate the woman either. However, that was neither here nor there in the here and now. The here and now there were going to be changes once again, and he had briefly wondered how much this crew could actually take before going off their rockers.

"If I may, I would put forth Ensign Marquez for communications," Caleb said, knowing that Marquez would not speak up for himself. The man was adept at languages and certainly had a knack for anything operations. Caleb certainly felt the young man's talent was being wasted as the navigator. The Captain herself had witnessed Marquez's abilities, however, he couldn't speak to Ensign O'Donoghue's abilities beyond flying a starship.

Arturo's eyebrows shot up at the mention of his name. What was even going on? Had he missed something? Didn't he already have a job, a chief position even? He wondered what Lieutenant Garcia was even thinking? What about Cornet, he had shown that he could handle communication when Lieutenant Sh'howul wasn't around. If the captain felt he could handle it then he would accept, but he wasn't sure if he wanted it.

K'Niras looked around the table. "Well it looks like Samuels will not have any lack of volunteers or qualified candidates." He smiled a little. "Just don't blow up the ship while we are gone," he teased a little. "And watch out for that Klingon that keeps stalking us."

Fig looked at the Caitian. "Ke'gak wants me or rather the child I'm carrying. If he finds out I am not on the Musashi, he may not be so...merciful towards the ship. Samuels will be informed of my directive, but just so we are clear, the Klingon scum does not get to know my wherabouts. So long as his offspring is aboard, he won't do anything so dishonorable as to blow up the Musashi" she said crisply.

"Garcia, It is good that you are in a mood to speak up and make recommendations. Given present circumstances and the chain of command, you will be acting First Officer for Commander Samuels" stated Fig. "Ensign Marquez is a fine officer, but you will need him at navigation. That said, Mister Jakku has been approved to remain aboard as a Specialist in the Science Division. He can maintain the Communications station, but Ensign" she said looking at Arturo. "I want you to assist him if he needs it. You have more training and a stronger linguistics background."

Arturo nodded. He wasn't sure how he felt about all these changes that abounded. It wasn't that he opposed change, but there was something about getting comfortable that was... well, comfortable. However, he wasn't so naive to notice the growing baby bump that the captain was now sporting. He knew she would not be able to stay on board for much longer. Starfleet had archaic views on that type of thing, but it was what it was. "Aye, captain," he replied. He, of course, would help where he could.

Caleb Garcia's first thought was to say no. He just wasn't sure how well he would work with Samuels in this regard. It was much different having several decks between them when they worked, as opposed to working side by side for the next several weeks. However, he would help out because that is what Starfleet officers did. On the other hand, it didn't seem like a choice. "Aye, Captain," he said, just by way of confirmation.

"Commander Samuels will have more information for you once he's finished with the Admiral. However, I can tell you that you will bea heading out into some relatively uncharted space with stellar phenomena. These may keep you on your feet, Ensign O'Donoghue" she said directing her attention on EJ. "Not your everyday stroll through the park out there. We've lost a handful of starships for unknown and mysterious reasons" added the Captain.

EJ looked to Fig. "Understood Captain. I'll do my best to steer us straight," he said, looking around. Not that he wasn't used to tricky situations. "I'll meet with Commander Samuels after I'm finished here," he said, smiling to her.

She shot a glance over at her former Navigator turned Security Chief. "I don't know if Commander Samuels will proceed into the region under green alert conditions or yellow, that's his prerogative. However, I want ship security prepared for anything. As, I've pointed out to EJ, we've lost ships out there. Be they navigational hazards or from something or someone hostile."

"I'll be ready. Or rather the ship will, Captain." the Andorian replied. He looked to Ensign Marquez and nodded, and the same to EJ. "Whatever it is, well sort it out."

Fig nodded and stood from her seat at the conference table. "I have no doubt in that and no doubt in any of your abilities. Commander Samuels will undoubtedly have a different command style than my own, but he has been my right hand and I have come to depend on him. Trust him and give him your all, and you will all get through whatever may be ahead. He's has the mind of scientist and the eyes of an explorer. However, most importantly, he had the strength of a leader, but a leader is only as strong as his or her crew. So, make every moment count out there during your mission" she said in a various crisp and stern tone of voice.

"Dismissed" she said swiftly, not taking any questions of comments. She had given her speech. She had done the motivational thing. Now, it was up to them to proove themselves to their Acting Commanding Officer.


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