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Commander Christopher Samuels

Name Christopher Michael Samuels MDiv, PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 195cm (6'4")
Weight 97.5km (215)
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall and broad are two adjectives that have described Christopher Samuels. Being a man who is near middle age, he keeps himself in fairly decent shape. The only real signs of age are that his hair and beard are peppered with silver gray, other than that most people are shocked to hear that is nearer to 50 than 40. He adheres to a strict routine when it comes to physical fitness, and even when he wants to skip a day, the routine pulls him back in.

As stated before, his hair is a salt and pepper in color, longer on top and shorter on the sides, he typically styles his hair. His eyes are hazel but damaged. He used to enjoy perfect 20/20 vision but an explosion had caused him to temporarily lose his vision. After several surgeries, he gained some of his sight back but has to wear glasses to compensate. The lenses of the glasses are designed to not only compensate for the loss of vision, but also to help bring color back. When he removes his glasses, the world becomes mostly monochromatic, but once the glasses get put back on, the color comes back (for the most part). A side effect is headaches (that are quite severe), and chronic dry eye.

With this explosion came several embedded pieces of shrapnel and glass that had to be removed. His face was healed and there are no visible scars, but his chest and pelvic area are pockmarked with small and large scars. He did not allow the scars to be taken care of with a dermal regenerator, nor does he ever plan to. To him these are his badges of honor, they are his physical reminders of what war can do to a person.

On-duty, he adheres to the official standards; the only piece of jewelry he wears is his platinum wedding band. Off-duty he tends to lean toward a simple casual style of trousers and t-shirts (both long and short sleeved).


Spouse Commander Dylan Howell, MD (48) - Div.
Children No Children
Father Michael Samuels, MD (Died at age 70)
Mother Kaitlyn Fisher-Samuels, RN (73)
Brother(s) Lieutenant Corrigan Samuels (38)
Sister(s) No Sisters
Other Family The extended family is a small one on the Samuels side as well as the Fisher side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Christopher Samuels tends to be the voice of reason over the chaos. This comes from a couple of sources: the first being that he is a scientist. To him a lot of science comes down to reasoning, if you just look hard enough you will find a solution (even if you run into a dead end, it's still a solution). The second is faith, and his training as a pastor. Though his moral compass can waver (as with most humans), he still tends to stay tried and true. He values conversation of the business end of a weapon, and prefer talks over space battles. As a veteran of the Four Years War, he gets the hatred toward Klingons, he understands, and deep down he feels it... but he is really trying to get past it.

Just like a lot of Starfleet personnel that participated in the Four Years War, Christopher suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He has sought counseling for it, but really he uses his faith as a way to help him get through it. He still experiences nightmares, and night terrors, and at times noises will set him off into a panic attack, but overall he had handled it the best he knows how. He prays a lot, he prays for inner peace, he prays for others, he prays for a peace in the galaxy. Prayer has gotten him through a lot, and he credits it for helping him center himself when needed.

Sometimes, Christopher wonders how he still stays on a path that is reasonable when he has a personal life that is falling apart around him. He clings to his career and his faith as a safety net, and those two things are the only normalcy in his life. His marriage is crumbling, he has a war injury that has had long term effects, and he just recently lost the opportunity to get a command, but he still pushes forward. He knows everything in life is a choice, and yes he has made bad choices and good choices, but nevertheless they were his choice to make.

Overall, Christopher is a good guy, a good scientist, and a man who relies on his faith to get him through his life. He will always help where he can, offer guidance, or support, or whatever a person needs. That part of himself, that fundamentally part of himself will never change... no matter where his life takes him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
One of Christopher's largest strength's is his compassion toward others. This comes from multiple sources, including his parents who were both in the healing profession. He sees all people as equal and his compassion drives him to help others even if it goes against Starfleet regulation. He has butted heads many a times with his commanding officers over what is right and what is wrong.

He also considers his strong faith as a strength. He feels that his faith is what keeps him grounded, and what keeps him open-minded. It also drives him to put aside his 'science hat' and see the universe differently than through a scientist's eye. He doesn't feel his faith has held him back; in fact he feels that is help him in his career because it allowed him to help others--especially during the war--with their psychological and spiritual needs.

Some other strengths include:
- He is a fairly smart dude, he can decipher sensor data like no ones business.
- He is tall, and henceforth can reach for things others cannot.
- He is a moral and ethical compass for those who have lost their way.

Christopher has always held the belief that a weaknesses doesn't necessarily mean it's a weakness. To him, weaknesses are nothing more than a person who struggles in a life that is full of uncertainty. There are those who think a weakness makes you weak or incompetent (which are two different things), but Christopher views it a bit different. For one, he knows he has many weaknesses, like chocolate, french fries, and at times, younger men. Some larger weaknesses is that he allowed a good solid marriage to fall apart (though he and Dylan have yet to divorce).

Some other weaknesses include:
- There is anger and bitterness that just sort of bubbles below the surface.
- He has bouts of insomnia.
- Just like with most war vets from the dawn of time, he suffers from PTSD.
- Suffered an injury during the war, which affected his sight. He has to wear glasses, which can be a problem if something happens to them.
Ambitions Christopher feels that he is long past ambition, to him that is a young persons game as opposed to someone of his age and rank. He feels he has done a lot in his life up to this point, and has made peace with the fact that he may never get his own command or even make a higher rank. He figures at this point, he is a seasoned vet, and can impart his own knowledge and wisdom on others to help them succeed in their own ambition.
Hobbies & Interests A lot of Christopher's hobbies and interests over the years have changed to come in more in line with Dylan's. Being a couple for close to 25 years and married for 20, had opened each of them to new experiences, desires, and interests. He loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, swimming, tree climbing, horseback riding, and really it doesn't matter what time of year it is, he adores it all. This is why he and Dylan had purchased a house far from the city, he didn't want to deal with tall buildings and busy traffic.

Another interest of his is writing, he is always writing something, or dreaming up a short story. He figures it is a great escape from the rigidity of the sciences and of Starfleet. He is quite good and has been published. Though, most people don't even realize that he has this interest, nor that he has been published. Dylan had always thought that he should pursue a writing career, but science and Starfleet have always won out in that regard.

Another interest which is part of his career is his faith. One of the things he had become interested while going through his spiritual journey was the history of religion and theology. He found all of it fascinating and still does to this day. It isn't just earth religions and practices that he has an interest in, but other cultures as well. It has opened up his eyes to a lot of ways that other cultures do things, and have found that religious practices and ways of doing things have a lot more in common than people think. Though he is deeply rooted in his faith and is an ordained a pastor, he is also an academic when it comes to all of it. He feels, just like his career in science, that faith is continually something you learn and practice.

Overall, Christopher is open minded to new experiences and feels that the only way to live life is experience is to its fullest.

Personal History Early Years:
Christopher Michael Samuels was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. After that was taken care of, he got a sharp whack to his right butt cheek and let out a wail that could be heard throughout the whole maternity wing at Boulder Memorial Hospital. Ever since that first cry, Christopher has certainly made his voice heard.

He was born on one of the hottest days in recorded history, or so his mother tells him. The day was August 22, 2207 at 0932 hours and according to his mother, it was the worst pain she had ever experienced and vowed never to have another child in her lifetime-though a decade later she accidentally got pregnant with his baby brother. He himself wasn't too keen on the idea of a little brother, but the kid grew on him, now he can't imagine his life without the little runt.

Christopher, or Chris for short, had a fairly regular childhood. The technology of the time was not a huge thing in his household, at the time that would bug him but as he looked back he realized how lucky he was to be able to feel the sense of accomplishment he felt when he built something with his bare hands or cooked a meal, or even washed the dishes. He vowed if he ever had kids that he would raise them in a similar way, though maybe not as strict as his parents had. With that all said, his home was a loving one, his parents loved both their children very much and wanted them to very much success in whatever their passion was.

Christopher's was the environment.

From an early age, he was a staunch advocate for the environment. He would read all that he could about inhabited worlds and the pollution problems the world faced. Earth was fairly pollution free at that point, but it still had a long way to go. He would write letters to politicians, go on to forums, and databases to give his insight and opinion. It led him to want to learn more about planets, and space, and atmospheres and how it all worked. This led him to his passion and the reason he wanted to join Starfleet.

In school, he was popular, a jock, and he had a steady line of dates and boyfriends. He had come out at an early age, and though his parents worried about his safety, he assured them he would be okay. By the 23rd century, things were better concerning such things, though while in school he certainly experienced his fair share of name calling. It never bothered him to the extent it bothered others, but it did hurt to know there were still ignorant people out there.

He got through school with a fairly decent average, excelling in all his math and science courses. He applied to enter Starfleet Academy and upon passing the exams and the psychological exam, he was granted acceptance into the class of 2229.

Off to The Academy...:
The Academy was a couple of different things to Christopher. First and foremost the academics and the challenges of it thrilled him. Second, he got to be away from home for the first time and loved and enjoyed that freedom. Third, there were far more parties, booze, and sex than people actually thought went on at the Academy.

He had a few flings, he got written up a few times, but his academic record was nearly spotless. He also participated in a lot of the sports that the Academy had to offer. He was on the track and field team, the soccer team, and the swim team. He enjoyed his time at the Academy, he made a lot of friends, enjoyed popularity but more than that it solidified that this was where he wanted to be. The thought of getting out into space, to explore, to learn, and to learn about new cultures was a very thrilling and somewhat daunting experience. The idea of it all made him feel really small, and though for some that feeling would deflate the ego, it didn't for him. It just meant there was so much more out there to learn and explore.

He stayed tried and true to his science roots, and once he was commissioned-which his parents stated was something they were shocked, surprised, and happy about-he decided to pursue his education even further. He applied to the Planetary Science Graduate Program and was narrowly accepted.

I think I'll Hang Around:
The graduate program could be summed up in one word: Tough. It was tough, yet it was also an eye opening experience. Getting to just focus on one specialty had been a good thing, but it was so much more than that. There was research, certifications, manual labor, being a lap dog, and late night runs to diners, coffee shops, and bakeries to get the professors what they wanted. Sometimes, Christopher felt more like a lackey than a student, yet he couldn't argue with the experience. He learned a lot and toward the end of his tenure as a student, he felt like he had a firm grasp on his speciality. Having this type of background would cement him in a specialty that could potentially put him at the forefront of his field. That was a nice thought to think about.

Simultaneously, some say he was nuts for doing this, he decided to pursue a masters of divinity degree from UCLA at the same time as he did his graduate studies. Despite his reckless behavior at times, he always had a strong faith. But, more than that, his faith would allow him to open his heart and mind to others. He was a man who was easy to talk to, and listen without judgement. He had helped a lot of his friends through some tough times just by listening and then offering advice. He attributed this to his faith, a strong faith that came from the teaching of Jesus. He knew there were those who were skeptical, but he never pushed his faith on anyone, but he knew it would propel him into a direction of counselor-by-proxy if needed. He also knew starships had chaplains, and he would double up if he had too. Little did he know at the time, that a decade on the horizon would be a horrific war, and his services as a chaplain would be needed--both good and bad.

In 2233 he was ordained and received his divinity degree and a year later in 2234, he earned his doctorate in environmental engineering (and several certifications in the planetary sciences).

And So It Begins:

The Four Years War:
The Four Years War.

It is the one part of his service that he does not like to talk about, even after all this time. He will say that he served on the Ajax. He will say that he had seen more death and destruction than he would ever care to admit, and he would say he lost a bit of himself in that war, a part of him that he would never truly get back.

During this war, he lost his identity as a scientist and became a soldier instead. At first, he had planned to be a conscientious objector, but he knew he couldn't go that far. This was when his faith strengthened, and as a chaplain, he helped those feel at ease as they left their earthly form for whatever lay beyond. He became very proficient in using a weapon and earned the title of a sharp shooter. It's a title he is not proud off, but when one becomes a ground troop, you do what you can to save the innocent.

He didn't just lose his identity, but he lost his vision as well. In a rather heated space battle, he was near a bulkhead embedded console when it exploded. His eyes were damaged and he had lost his sight. He endured multiple surgeries over the coming weeks, but he was never able to fully regain his sight. He now wears corrective lenses (glasses) to compensate. He has scars that pockmark his torso, that can't be directly seen until he is shirtless, but they are there and he won't allow a dermal regenerator near him to fix them. They are his true badges of honor and his way to remember what he had gone through... he refused to erase that part of his history.

Once he was recovered, he decided to continue his career in Starfleet as opposed to getting a medical discharge. He was still able to perform his duties and really didn't want to leave a career that he truly loved. However, the emotional scars were deep, and even to this day they still are. He is considered a veteran of war and has the medals and accolades to prove it. Those medals, those accolades, those ribbons are stored away in a box. He doesn't feel he deserved any of it.

So no, he will not talk about the Four Years War-not directly anyway.

It Begins Again:

Current Assignment:
With his marriage on the rocks, but still desperate to cling to his career, Christopher accepted a transfer to the USS Musashi. He currently resides on the Musashi, but there is a large part of him that regrets the decision.
Service Record 2225: Enters Starfleet Academy
2229: Commissioned
2229: Enters Starfleet Planetary Sciences Graduate Program
2230: Enters UCLA Divinity Program (Simultaneous)
2233: Earns Masters of Divinity from UCLA, becomes Ordained
2234: Earns Doctorate, Environmental Engineering
2234: USS Pioneer - Junior Science Officer
2238: USS Cygnus - Planetary Sciences Department Head/Chaplain
2240: Science Station Regula - Chief Science Officer/Chaplain
2246: USS Ajax - Science Officer
2247: USS Ajax - Chaplain/Solider
2250: Medical Leave of Absence
2250: USS Constitution - Chief Science Officer/Chaplain
2255: USS Musashi - Chief Science Officer/Second Officer/Chaplain
2255: USS Musashi - Chief Science Officer/First Officer/Chaplain