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Admiral Ke'gak

Name Ke'gak

Position Ambassador to the Federation

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 260 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ke'gak is thick and sturdy. He's in no way chubby, but his frame is wide. He isn't the tallest Klingon, nor is he the shortest and still stands at an intimidating 6'4". He is worn and battle scarred. His face shows the years of battle. His long, black hair he often wears loose, unlike many of his fellow Klingons who like to tie it back. He is older in years so the lines in his face have deepened. He's not very fond of smiling.


Spouse Aewn (deceased)
Children Son - Jo'vn (deceased)
Father Kevaq (deceased)
Mother C'eseh
Brother(s) Older - L'cans (deceased)
Sister(s) Younger - Resogh

Personality & Traits

General Overview At one time, Ke'gak was a stable, well-adjusted Klingon. Some would even proclaim him as an excellent leader and a more than capable warrior. He was a good father and very focused on his home life. He was one of those rare individuals that managed to balance being a leader that people looked up and having a successful family as well. He was confident in the strength of his house and his home. He had a dedication and determination that some said couldn't be matched.

Over the next six years Ke'gak's world fell apart. His brother's death, followed by his father, son and mate all proved to be more than the Klingon could handle. His sense of reality and morality began to slip. He quickly spiraled out of control by attacking everything around him. Not only did he achieve the goal of being a respected Captain he also managed to procure the title of most feared Captain as well. He became unpredictable and sneaky, prone to bouts of rage and destruction. Some say he has become irrational and that his episodes of anger also come with a whole bunch of things that don't seem to make sense to anyone but Ke'gak.
Strengths & Weaknesses Weaknesses: Kids, His house failing, afraid of Targs, bat shit crazy

Strengths: Dedicated, leadership skills, loyal, perseverance
Ambitions Ke'gak has always been a family oriented Klingon and mostly focused on his house and furthering their interests.
Hobbies & Interests Growing up, Ke'gak was always interested in any contest of smarts versus strength. He loved any sort of sport that he could learn about and even encouraged others to play with him. It was never just the challenge of the game for him, but actually winning that he was after. He used to be motivated to actually win for the Klingon Empire, but since his mate's death his interests have shifted to an obsession with a Starfleet Captain.

Personal History Ke'gak was born in 2212 in the First City of Qo'noS. His father was a great warrior and his house was once one of the great houses of the Klingon Empire. Born to the House of Nach. He was the youngest of two sons. His older brother, L'cans, and himself were in constant competition with each other and often intentionally pitted against each other by their father. Ke'gak was always just a little smarter than his brother, but L'cans had him beat in brute strength. The fact that he was often able to win with his wits pushed Ke'gak to better himself even though he was not his father's direct heir. When he was of age he was officially trained as a warrior and placed aboard a vessel. It didn't take him long to battle his way to the top.

He was 25 (2237) years old when he met his mate Aewn. They were quickly bonded, since she was also from a powerful house and by the time he was 27, he was the father of a newborn son, Jo'vn. His mate was a fierce warrior in her own right and also logged a lot of time aboard Klingon ships. When their son was born it was one of the proudest moments in Ke'gak's life. Unfortunately, it would not end that way. As Jo'vn grew he expressed interest in Engineering, much to his father's displeasure, who wanted him to be a warrior. However the boy eventually won, taking his place in the Engineering Corps as an apprentice.

Things were going well for Ke'gak and then his world flipped upside down when his older brother was killed during a training exercise. Their father was humiliated that such a dishonorable death could happen to one of his children that he immediately declared Ke'gak his heir and never spoke his older brother's name again. Thrust into the heir apparent position so suddenly really put pressure on Ke'gak to step up his game.

The pressure grew when Ke'gak's father died in 2249. He was killed in one of the first open skirmishes with Starfleet. It was quite a blow for Ke'gak, not only to lose his father, whom he loved and admired, but he suddenly found himself the head of The House of Nach. He was also suddenly given the responsibility of the continuation of that House and they were quickly running out of male heirs. It was all he could do to maintain his House's standing during the war with Starfleet.

The war was also not kind to him. Ke'gak suffered several defeats at the hands of Starfleet. Severely crippling his fleet and their capacity to fully serve the Klingon Empire. He took this as a person affront since several of his losses were at the hands of one Donatella Figueroa. He first encountered her as a first officer and then again as the captain of the USS Musashi. He blamed her personally for most of his losses. Angry as he was about the death of his father it was easy for him to transfer those feelings to someone who had defeated him in battle.

Ke'gak's life wasn't going to get easier either. 3 years later, when his son Jo'vn was 15 years old there was an explosion at one of the engineering stations. To this day no one really knows what happened. It was determined that it was an accident and not caused by sabotage. Jo'vn was killed in the explosion. This was a blow to Ke'gak. Even though his son was never the warrior that he wanted him to be, he still loved the boy and Jo'vn was also the only heir to their house. Without the boy Ke'gak had no heir and at his age that wasn't really something he could ignore.

Only one year later after his son's death, his mate Awen was also killed during a confrontation with Starfleet. They had just found out that she was pregnant again as well. For Ke'gak everything was falling apart. He left his regime, convinced that his house was finished and there was nothing he could do about it. His grip on reality began to slip. He joined a crew of marauders and launched a career attacking and pillaging human colonies. The Klingon Empire forced them to disband in the name of keeping the peace, but they did not remove their ability to continue to do what they wanted. With almost all of his house deceased and several of them because of Starfleet, Ke'gak's grip on reality started to slip. He was desperate to come up with a solution to his problem. He had no family and no heir aside from his younger sister and his aging mother.

Service Record 2212 - Born: First City of Qo'noS
2237 - Mated to Aewn
2239 - Son born, Jo'vn
2246 - Older brother's death
2249 - Father's death
2251 - Jo'vn's death
2252 - Aewn's death
2253 - 2255 - Joined marauders

Ship named the QIH Qa'