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End of the road

Posted on Mon May 21st, 2018 @ 2:23am by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Chief Petty Officer Alphonso Phillips

Mission: S01E03 That Which Cannot Be Unseen
Location: USS Musashi | Coffee Nook

The door bell rang. "Come in." Said Phillips
As the door opened she ran to him and fell in his arms. Their lips found each other's like a ship docking with a space station. They kissed for a long moment. Then they broke.

"I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. This last mission with wild animals and dead people all over the place was more than I bargained for. Babe, I'm really thinking about whether or not I'm cut out for this!" Offered Vanessa

"Babe, you proved yourself. I read the report. You might even get decorated for your actions on the station. What's bothering you about this?" He asked

She stood up and walked away from him. She stopped and turned, leaving him sitting on his bed. "You remember Christmas?" She asked

"Sure do, it was magical!" He replied

"Yes, it was. And it made me long for something I've never felt I wanted until you came along. A family. Just a normal life on Earth raising your children and being happy with you." She said with excitement and love in her eyes.

Phillips stood up and came to her. She was crying now and it almost made him cry.
"Ok. I have to admit, I'm feeling it too. But you have an obligation to the fleet. The Captain ain't gonna let you just walk away from that." He said. "Me, I'm only here on a temporary assignment. Maybe if we go she the captain together, your plea might be heard and grant on some type of hardship condition." He said looking her in the eyes and wiping her tears.

"Then I suggest we do that. We will be at deep space K7 soon. Maybe if this works, they will let us off there and we can return to Earth?" Said Vanessa

"There's only one way to find out for sure." And he grabbed her by the hand and headed for the door.

Command Nook

As the bridge doors opened, they entered and headed straight for the 'Command Nook' which served as the Captains office. They rang the bell and waited.

Captain Donatella Figueroa was sitting alone on the sofa in the Command Nook, having just made herself the decaf garbage she was supposed to be drinking as a substitution for the espressos and coffee that she usually drank before discovering that she as with child. She had just taken her seat when the door chime interrupted her mid sip. She swallowed what little of the hot brown liquid was in her mouth and set the coffee mug down upon the glass coffee table.

"Enter" she called out as she reached for a control panel on the arm rest of the sofa, allowing her to unlock the nook so that whomever wanted to see her could enter freely. Not too many people bothered to disturb her if she was in the nook. It was a small private room that was more longue than office that she shared with her Executive Officer and Second Officer.

When the doors opened she saw two familiar faces, but she was not expecting either of them to see her. "Oh jeez. Did I miss a scheduled appointment, Nessa?" asked the Captain to her Yeoman whom she thought was just kindly showing Chief Phillips in.

They stepped in. "No Captain...." And she was cut off by Philips "Captain what she wants to say is, we have a situation and you're the only one that can help us with it." Said Philips but before the Captain could speak, he blurted out. "We need you to marry us and then let us leave your command!"

Captain Figueroa nearly spat her coffee in a showering mist, but kept it in and swallowed quickly. "Excuse me? Did I just hear what I thought I heard. You want me to marry the...two of you?" Fig sat her coffee mug down and looked at the two. She knew neither of them to joke, at least not to this extent. Something was serious. They were serious. "Sounds a little....sudden, but I am not one to cast judgement. I presume this is not some sort of shotgun wedding?"

They were still holding hands. Inseparable! "No mame, there is no baby, yet. Oh but we want that so much, and a house surrounded by trees and maybe even a couple horses with a beautiful mountain range for a back drop. You see, during the last away mission, something came over us both." Said Phillips

"He's right. Every other thought was of him, and if I'd ever see him again. I'd hate to be on an away mission and get someone hurt because all I can think about is my man." Offered Vanessa

"I'm only here temporarily Captain, and everything I can do for your crew, I think I've fulfilled my obligation. I want you to give us your blessings and release Vanessa so she can be my wife, have our children and live on Earth like a normal happy family......before it's too late!" Said Phillips.

Donatella closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Sleep depreivation can make you see things she thought to herself, but when she opened her eyes, the two were still standing there. "You two are actually here pleading for my blessing for you two to run off and start a family? I'll be losing two valuable members of my crew. My Yeoman and my Master as Arms" commented Fig. "Look, I appreciate that the two of you want to start a life together and it really is not my place to judge how anyone's relationship progresses even if it seemingly comes out of nowhere" she said calmly.

"I will not do anything to stop the two of you and I will respect your wishes" she said nodding. "If you two want married, we can do that. I'll perform the ceremony if you wish and witness it. Ultimately, this is your decisions to make."

With that they calmed down and began to believe that everything was going to be alright. "Thank you Captain. I know the perfect person to help get it sorted. Ensign Smith And I promise you, our first born will bear your name." Said Vanessa

Fig shook her head. "Donatella, is a rather old sounding name. It might be a bit stale and stuffy. Don't feel inclined to name them after me. Now, about that marriage. When would you like it done and would you rather have it performed aboard the Musashi or on the space station?"

They both smiled. "I think we should do it on the station. It's gonna be hard enough as it is leaving the ship. So this would give everybody who wants to attend a chance since they will most likely be given a little break on the station, I would assume!" Stated Phillips

"But Captain I'll leave that up to your judgement. Can you even perform the ceremony off the ship?" Asked Vanessa

Fig raised a brow. Ah she thought. It was the whole Captain of a ship things. "Don't worry about it. I can officiate it any where I damn please within reason. Federation licensed Notary Public, and I have a few things up my sleeve. I had a life and career before Starfleet" she said with a slight smile.

The Captain took another deep breath and wore her best smile. "I will contact you both as soon as I make the necessary arrangements. Right now, I suggest the two of you get out of here and talk things through. I'll process all this paperwork immediately. Dismissed" said Fig swiftly. She was not trying to be rude, but she did not want to have a mental breakdown in front of members of her own crew. Marriage was a touchy subject with her. She had remembered being so close to tying the knot, only to have it ripped away from her.

She still had the ring, but had never wore it since.


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