S02E01 "Cold Reception"

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Status Current Mission
Description Rechristened as The USS Musashi-B, this Shangri-la class starship under the command of Captain Zhao is taking on crew; however, an emergency situation in the Federation's backyard has necessitated for the starship's premature departure on a shakedown cruise to Andoria. In critical condition, the Andorian Ambassador to Klingon had an attempt made on his life and the Andorian antennae are twitching and their icy blue skin is running fire hot, hurling accusations at the Klingons. Federation Intelligence believes otherwise and the crew of the USS Musashi is dispatched to Andoria to quell the tempest, ease tensions, and find who was truly responsible.
Mission Group Season 2
Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 8:00pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Age 12: The Return
by Lieutenant Phelan
One Mpnth After "Pacaid" Group Home, Vermont, Earth
Restoring Peace & Prosperity
by Captain Zhao & Lieutenant Phelan & Lieutenant Kinaav M.D. & Lieutenant Thavus th’Koruh
USS Musashi-B | Deck 06 | Transporter Room 1
Et tu, Brute?
by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Captain Zhao
2294 Starbase 1 - Conference Room
Age 12: Pacaid
by Lieutenant Phelan
18 Years Ago - After Group Home Group Home, Vermont, Earth
Age 12: The Group Home
by Lieutenant Phelan
18 Years Ago / After 'Mandatory Counseling Appointment' Group Home, Vermont, Earth
Age 12: Mandatory Counseling Appoinment
by Lieutenant Phelan
18 Years Ago Counselor's Office, San Franciso Bay Area, Earth

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