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Age 12: The Group Home

Posted on Sat Sep 12th, 2020 @ 3:41pm by Lieutenant Phelan

Mission: S02E01 "Cold Reception"
Location: Group Home, Vermont, Earth
Timeline: 18 Years Ago / After 'Mandatory Counseling Appointment'

“Well, I have good news to report,” Amica said as she dropped down into her seat at the conference table and reached with eager hands for the cup of tea that Anders was already pouring for her. “Phelan attended classes today for the first time … as a human.”

Leticia shoved the tray of muffins in her general direction and Amica, with the well-trained eyes of the chocolate-addict that she was, snagged the last before Freddie could get his oversized paws on it. Settling back in her seat, she made a show of peeling back the wrapping while she continued her report.

“You all know. He spent the last two weeks as a wolf and just refused to engage and then today, human.” She took a small bite and sighed with pleasure. “I think it was your Endrys, Lettie. They’ve adopted him, I think. Sleep together in a pile of pillows on the floor and go everywhere together.”

Leticia nodded thoughtfully. “That does make sense,” she said quietly, her voice was deeper than you’d expect in such a tiny package, and her hair, a riot of strawberry blonde curls seemed to always be attempting to escape the bun she habitually wore. “Endrys is Deltan and has a strong need for physical contact. I was wondering if that was true of your Phelan as well.”

Amica, who was taking a sip of tea when the question was poised, swallowed hastily. “We don’t know much about the Mesni so I did some research on North American wolves.” She raised her hands as though fending off a perceived wave of outrage. “Not that I think he’s an animal or anything. Wolves are very social. They live in packs. So I’d be wondering if that wasn’t true of Phelan as well … the need to be part of a group. Not easy given what he’s been through, of course, but … uh … his reaction to Endrys? Makes me think that’s one of the missing pieces.”

“One,” Freddie asked as he eyed the larger chunk of her muffin with enormous soulful eyes. “What else have you figured out?”

“Nature,” Amica said. “I think he misses being able to run free in the woods.He kept running away from his foster family and I suspect that’s why. He misses the outdoors. Being able to run.” She broke the muffin into two pieces, took the smaller and shoved the larger chunk toward Freddie who grinned appreciatively. “So, I thought, maybe we’d start holding our sessions outdoors. See if that had any effect.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll run,” Anders asked. Unlike the others, he abhorred sweets of any kind and generally only had a cup of unsweetened tea. “That’s what he did before.”

“It’s a risk, I know,” Amica said quietly. “I’m going to ask for his word that he won’t run and in return, I’ll give him time on the grounds to run as he pleases.”

“Well, it's certainly worth a try,” Letica said firmly. “No child should ever have to go through what he did. And no child should ever be left behind.”

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