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Captain Zhao

Name Zhao

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian | Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Zhao is as tall in person as he is by skimming through his personnel file and service record, standing 188 cm (6’2”) in height with a toned build and broad shoulders yet lean muscle. As is typical with Bolians, Zhao has blue skin and is bald; however, he only half Bolian causing his skin to be a lighter shade of blue and his father’s Human Asianic heritage to shine through. In his younger years, Zhao was well-groomed and clean shaven. In recent years, he has been noted for sporting facial hair which he keeps well within Starfleet regulations.


Personality & Traits

General Overview The tenacious Captain Zhao of the USS Musashi is respected and revered by many for his strong tactical prowess and unyielding rough rider style but has gained the fear of some as well. Though a powerful orator, inspiring the future crop of Starfleet’s best and brightest, Captain Zhao is professionally distant. He shows no favoritism among the crews he has led and is equally hard on everyone. His strive for protection and willingness to fight to the bitter end can be costly and he has earned the reputation of being a and the nickname of ‘Judas Goat’ because he willingly has led crews into unwinnable skirmishes, leading them to their certain deaths.

Some would describe him as a confidently cold and callous warrior. The deaths of his crew do not seem to affect him publicly. He conducts services for their loss, honors their sacrifices, and has their names added onto a memorial plaque; however, in the privacy of his own quarters it is an entirely different story. Though Zhao is a very possessive, greedy, and oftentimes viewed as selfish, his confidence in himself radiates into inspiring others. He naturally causes his crew to push themselves to the best of their abilities and reach their fullest potential. The majority of those who have survived serving under his command have gone on to be assigned to illustrious postings, and a few have risen to commands of their own.

Captain Zhao has not just fought the Klingons in his career, but has studied them immensely, almost to the point where some would say he idolizes them. He engages in skirmishes in ways like that of a ruthless Klingon commander, he respects their code of honor, and understands their blood thirst. This is one of the reasons that he was chosen for his previous assignments and why the re-christened USS Musashi-B has been placed under his command. He lives by Captain Montgomery Scott’s old adage: “The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank.” It there is; however, a way to defuse a hostile situation without escalation of violence, he will endeavor to find it, but having a solid diplomatic First Officer at his side has always been the best pairing to counterbalance his personality and command style.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Courageous & Headstrong

Self-absorbed shallowness
Inflexibly stubborn
Isolating and brooding
Bombastically competitive

Personal History Zhao Jian was one of the first and so far few examples of interspecies sexual relations between the Bolian species and Humans. His mother, a Bolian diplomat was a leading member of cultural and diplomatic specialists who partook in establishing galactic relations between the Bolian people and the United Federation of Planets. Zhao’s father was a career Starfleet officer who despite their better judgment became intimately involved with the exotically alluring Bolian woman. Their relationship was more of a physical affaire, an entanglement of passion rather than anything deeper. This was not offensive to the Bolian diplomat; however, it did have serious repercussions for Zaho’s father, both personally and professionally.

Always viewed as the result of poor judgment and trist, Zaho has a very strained relationship with his father, and practically none with his half siblings. Bolarus was his home during his formative childhood years until his mother relocated to Earth when Zaho was eleven. She took a posting at a Bolian embassy on Earth. This was crucial for him as it provided an easy avenue for learning about Human cultures and their customs. He could learn to embrace that side of himself, but he could never truly be human himself. One look in a mirror or simply walking around and seeing the looks he was given was more than enough to remind him that he would always be othered. With their blue skin tones, Bolians easily stuck out within the Federation, especially on Earth.

Being the biological son of a Federation citizen, a Starfleet officer, Zhao had the full rights of Federation citizenship. This also included the ability to apply to Starfleet Academy. At first his motive for applying to Starfleet were purely self-serving. He wanted his father’s attention, but more than attention, he wanted his father’s respect. A Bolian in Starfleet? Of course the Federation jumped at the opportunity, especially a half-Bolian who’s mother was an essential part of initial Federation-Bolian relations.

Though he cannot lay claim to being the reason for it, but Bolarus was admitted into the Federation during his second year at Starfleet Academy in 2372. This slowly but surely helped normalize his blue face being around the San Francisco campus of the academy. He was also on the Academy’s wrestling team and color guard, Captaining both by his senior year. His declared major was Tactical Operations with a minor in Xeno Lingustics. During his senior year he partook in a ‘cadet cruise’ opportunity serving a few months aboard the USS Independence, a refitted Constitution class. He graduated magna cum laude in 2274, within the top 10% of his graduating class. Commodore Christopher Samuels was the speaker for graduation that year.

2275 saw the experimental launch of the USS Constellation NX-1974, first of its class. Ensign Zhao was one of the lucky 350 souls assigned to the starship for her shakedown cruise. He remained with the starship throughout its original five-year mission which concluded in 2280 and his service aboard earned him a couple of service medals and a promotion in rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade pending his next assignment.

Lieutenant JG Zhao’s next assignment was the USS Infinity, an Excelsior class starship. His posting aboard the Infinity replied on his Xeno Linguistics background as he was assigned as Assistant Chief Communications Officer. It was a position he held for only two years when a position more to his liking opened up aboard the Infinity. He remained with the starship infinity for another four years as Chief Tactical Officer placing him at the tactical station on the Infinity’s bridge during Alpha shift. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2385 before leaving the starship the following year.

Zhao’s intentions and aspirations were well known by his next assignment. He had bridge experience, battle experience, and he was putting in time on the Infinity as officer on watch whenever the opportunity came his way. He was named Second Officer aboard the USS Oxford in 2386 in addition to his primary role as Chief Tactical Officer. He held this position from 2386 until 2390 when the Oxford’s First Officer was given a command of their own. The Captain saw Lieutenant Zhao suitable to serve as their right hand and promptly promoted Zhao in rank to Lieutenant Commander to assume to position as Acting Officer in 2390.

During this interim period, Zhao pursued immense command courses remotely and studied for the Bridge Commander’s Examination and the dreaded Kobayashi Maru command training exercise. Upon completion with passing marks, he was granted his position as First Officer with definitive status, receiving the pips and squeaks of a full Commander.

He left the USS Oxford for a special assignment in 2393 where he served as First Officer aboard the USS Navarone under the command of Colonel Patrick West. Zhao was personally selected by West because of Zhao’s tactical prowess and growing reputation as a strong bridge commander under trying and tense situations, a man who did not freeze at the moment when swift action needed to be taken. Colonel West was counting on Zhao to be someone who would understand the dangers of what peace with the Klingon Empire would mean; however, when Zhao learned of West’s involvement in a conspiracy against the Federation, he sought to expose West.

The two came to blows, but West had the upper-hand and a disciplined crew tightly wound, bound, and obedient to his every command. Zhao was tossed in the brig where he remained until the Colonel’s assassination attempt was foiled. Zhao was cleared of any wrongdoing and awarded the Federation Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for his attempts to stop Colonel West. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of Captain and appointed command of the USS Navarone which was rechristened the USS Musashi.
Service Record 2375 – 2380: Tactical Division Officer
2380 – 2382: Assistant Chief Communications Officer
2382 – 2386: Chief Tactical Officer
2386 – 2390: Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer
2390 – 2391: Acting First Officer
2391 – 2393: First Officer
2393 – 2394: First Officer
2394 – xxxx: Commanding Officer