Age 12: The Return

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 10:14am by Lieutenant Phelan

Mission: S02E01 "Cold Reception"
Location: Group Home, Vermont, Earth
Timeline: One Mpnth After "Pacaid"

Gossip was not a word that he understood nor did he even after Endrys spent time patiently explaining the need for some beings to take pleasure in the misfortunes of others. This was not a Pacaid thing and yet, didn't quite rise to the level of Namhaid either. This was an Endrys thing. He enjoyed knowing what was going on and Phelan, who observed everyone and every thing in his territory, came to accept that Endrys sometimes used this worthless knowledge to their advantage which made it not so worthless. And thus, a thing that must be understood however annoying or irrelevant the information might seem.

That was how Lytis had joined their group. Bajoran by birth, Lyris had been raised on the stories of the occupation and seemed to live in perpetual fear. The story went that he had lived as part of a group of isolationists with his aging parents. A virus, bacterial in origin, had decimated the community and after the death of his parents, Lytis had been brought to the group home. Endrys had adopted him immediately and, through the magic that was Endrys and the spoken word, he had been added to their room and to the Pacaid. Phelan had no objection. There was strength in numbers and for him, a much needed peace. He protected Lytis, sometimes just by the strength of his presence, and sometimes, with a well-timed, menacing snarl. Since Issak’s departure, there was no longer a need for threats. Still, the snarl was a promise that everyone understood. Hurt my Pacaid and you too shall be hurt.

It had taken him over two weeks to relax his guard and understand that no one there presently had the strength or disposition to continue Issak’s reign of petty terrors.

On this particular afternoon, they were eating their lunch under the trees. Because of his unique physiology, Phelan had a more protein-rich diet and on the average tended to eat about twice what anyone else did. The fact that he never gained an ounce, and sometimes lost, was much bemoaned by Indral who had a love for all things sweet and was unwilling to accept the connection.

"Issak is back." Endrys who saw the look come into Phelan's eyes, waved his sandwich for emphasis, "don't start. We all know he's a bully and likes inflicting pain a bit too much. I get that but we’re safe, for the moment. I didn't get all the details but something happened and the family returned him last night."

Ever mournful, Lytis, who had been picking without enthusiasm at a salad, said, "nothing is permanent. To trust in a happily ever after ending is to be a fool."

Indral shoved the younger boy's shoulder playfully as he leaned over and snagged a grape tomato off of Lytis' plate. "Ever the source of hope, aren't you?"

Lytis blushed but did not answer. He had been with them for less than month and had yet to find his footing in the group. When he repeated the basic facts of life, the truths given to him by his parents and by the others in their small community, he was often mocked. This he did not understand especially when it came to such alien words as 'hope' and 'trust'. As far as he was concerned, he lived ready to run at a moment's notice with the certainty in his heart that any day, the Cardassians could show up at his door. He'd seen the footage. He understood what they could do in a way that these others could not.

“He lost his family,” Endrys said. “He might be a bully but that’s a sad thing.”

No one responded to this very Endrys thing. He could feel empathy towards anyone. The others in the group processed the information through their own filters but it was Phelan who voiced the most practical response.

~He will try,~ Phelan signed, ~to reassert his dominance. Gain the control he surrendered when he left.~ If one had the understanding, one could see the play of emotions in the depths of his brilliant blue eyes. Hunter and protector. Issak, above all the others, brought those aspects of his personality out. He caught Endrys' eye and then turned meaningfully toward Lytis whose head was lowered and missed the gesture. Endrys nodded his agreement.

Lytis must be protected.

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