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Lieutenant Phelan

Name Phelan

Position Security Chief

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mesni
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean and well-muscled without tattoos; there is a latticework of old scars on his back. His eyes are a light gray-blue. He is indifferent to style for the most part. His clothes tend to be similar in pattern with some variation in color.


Mesni are similar to the shape shifters of Isis III ( in that they have two forms and are comfortable in both. For the Mesni, the second form is a wolf.

+ Sense of smell, stronger in wolf form, can detect scenes up to 1.75 miles away
+ Hearing - can hear up to six miles away in the forest and ten miles in the open. Can hear well up to a frequency of 25 khz
+ Sharp sight
+ Shifts are not painful though he does need to undress before doing so. Must shift regularly
+ He is larger and more well muscled as a wolf than one would expect of Earth counterparts
+ Retains human intelligence in wolf-form though he can't speak
+ Fast metabolism that requires higher and more frequent protein intake
+ Can run 35-40 miles/hour in wolf form
+ Limited capacity for speech - uses sign language instead


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ronan (Deceased)
Mother Adali (Deceased)
Brother(s) Ingolf, Bleddyn, Marrok, Keanneally
Sister(s) None
Other Family Many

Personality & Traits

General Overview Phen is observant and slow to judge though he has a strong moral code and a well developed sense of right and wrong honed through years of ethics and philosophical study. He is comfortable in a group setting and indeed prefers community to isolation as it hearkens back to his childhood on Mesni. His protective nature means that he's much more 'on guard' around the more aggressive species and is not one to back down from a fight. For all that, he can be playful and generous, enjoys physical activity and time spent in nature, and is both tolerant and patient - especially around the very young.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

+ Highly intelligent and adaptable; good at out of the box thinking
+ Natural born hunter, investigative mindset
+ Good in hand to hand combat
+ Loyal and fiercely protective - though it's hard to earn his trust
+ Strong and well-developed sense of right/wrong
+ Student of body language and is good at observing people.


- Freedom matters to him, doesn't do well when he's confined/caged/trapped.
- Thrives within a community; doesn't do well when he's alone for extended periods
- Finds it hard to resist a mystery. Put a wrapped present in a trapped room and he WILL find a way to get at it.
- Something of an adrenaline junkie
- Not good at all in the Sciences. Always his weakest subjects at school. Well, that and Math.
- Can’t drink - no tolerance for alcohol/makes him sick


+ Spending time in nature
+ Spending time with friends/being part of a community - especially if there's food involved
+ Movies/theater/music


- Anything that's too sweet
- Anything to do with cooking - bless those replicators!
- Holodeck adventures - his senses tell him it's not real and it interferes with the effect. Has a harder time relaxing and enjoying the experience what with his brain screaming it's 'wrong' and all
- Orion slavers. Dislike isn't a strong enough word actually. And really, slavers in general.


- Doesn't like the feeling of being trapped or confined. Not phobic but it's a close call.
- Generally sleeps in his 'wolf' form (its a trust thing)
Ambitions Not really an ambitious sort. If he had to give an answer, it would be --

+ To reunite with other Mesni (so far, unsuccessful)
+ To serve to the best of his ability and to protect those who cannot protect themselves
Hobbies & Interests + Reading. He's a voracious reader, anything he can get his hands on.
+ Extreme camping, hiking, rock climbing
+ Training - has been training in mixed martial arts since his rescue from the Orions
+ La Crosse
+ Trying new things - he'd be the one to try bungee jumping or take up the offer to sleep in a haunted house

Personal History Phelan grew up in a pre-warp civilization that was rich in natural resources. The Mesni are dual-natured (similar to the shapeshifters of Isis III) in that they can shift between two forms, humanoid and wolf. With no awareness that there was anyone in the universe beside themselves, the Mesni, and Phelan among them, lived in harmony with nature, moving freely between their natural two states, and were by no means technologically advanced. Originally nomadic, the Mesni had just reached the stage where they had begun to create settlements when the Orions appeared.

Syndicate forces took the world in two days - The greatest fighters among the Mesni held out as long as they could but ultimately, were no match for transporters and energy weapons. Phen, who was very young at the time, would tell you if you could get him to talk that he divided his childhood into two halves -- before the Orions and after the Orions. Before was great, after was bad. Beyond bad.

His people were not meant for captivity. They fought against their enemy with everything they had, gave what food they got to their young, and died, one by one. Phen, as a natural hunter and the youngest of those who were captured, learned patience. He learned how to blend in and how to stalk his prey. He learned to hide the anger and hatred he felt behind an unreadable mask. He learned to read body language and to understand the odds sounds they made.

In the most unlikely of circumstances, Phen began to adapt and to grow. Through the use of harnesses, drugs, and whips, Phelan, along with the other remaining children, was forced to remain in his wolf form most of the time. The trader would bring one of the Mesni children out as a wolf and then order the transformation on-stage. They were sold infrequently to keep the demand high. Failure to perform in front of buyers was met with severe penalties.

By the time he was twelve, he had, through his own efforts and more than a little bit of luck, engineered his escape on an outgoing freighter. His only contact with ‘aliens’ (non-Mesni) had been the Orions and so, not trusting anyone, remained in hiding in the cargo bay for much of the trip. Near death, the crate he was in was scanned by a suspicious security officer on a Federation station; he was found and taken immediately to Sickbay. His home world, Mesni, was gone - stripped by Orion greed -- and his people, those that hadn’t been sold into slavery, were dead. He had a basic understanding of Orion and no trust.

He was placed with a foster family on Earth; however, owing to a strong tendency to run away, he was placed in a group home. Counselors found him unresponsive at first and struggled to find a way to reach him. The break through came when he made his first friends, Endrys and Indral. The combination of Phelan's need to protect those who couldn't protect themselves and Endrys' delight in finding someone he could get along with, led to tight bonds. The counselors took note of the friendship and were careful to place the more vulnerable of the new arrivals in their dormitory.

With care and patience, Phen began to grow. He was taught to understand Federation Standard but was discovered to have a limited capacity for speech though he rapidly became fluid in signing (as did mostly everyone at the home). By the time he was thirteen, he discovered books and that was the beginning of a great change for him. Suddenly there were possibilities and so many questions. He read voraciously and questioned everything. His counselors noted that while unwilling to sign at length about his experiences, Phen did seem to be thriving. His need for regular, hard physical activity led him to martial arts and to competitive sports -- his favorite proved to be La Crosse. He had an analytical mindset and seemed to like solving problems. As one instructor colorfully explained -- put a wrapped present in a locked room and guaranteed, Phen will be the first one in the class to figure out a way to get in.

A natural hunter with a strongly protective nature, his instructors made sure that he was taught ethics and philosophy. To satisfy his need to be in a natural setting, he was taken to wild, uninhabited locations where he could run free. And as they began to understand that they could trust his word, once given, in his late teens, he was given permission to stay out overnight. He loved those nights under the stars. While vastly different from his home on Mesni, Phen understood the gift he’d been given. And he treasured those hours. Time under the stars, free from the watchful gazes of everyone in his life, he began to think about what he wanted, to try to visualize his future, because the time was coming when he would become an adult. What then?

He enrolled in Starfleet Academy at what they believed was the age of eighteen. During that first year, he learned the mythology about werewolves and found the whole thing ridiculous though it didn’t stop him from watching the vids and reading the books. He chose a career in Security based on testing and his own desire to help others as he wished his people could have been helped. He graduated with honors and was assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt. He became known for his sharply analytical mind and his unfailing courage under fire.

But always, when he sleeps, he sleeps as a wolf.
Service Record + Graduated Starfleet Academy, Security Major/Intelligence Minor
+ Assigned USS Theordore Roosevelt, Security Officer
+ Promoted to Assistant Chief of Security, USS Theordore Roosevelt
+ Promoted to Chief of Security, USS Theodore Roosevelt
+ Transferred to USS Musashi, Chief of Security