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The Call - Part 2

Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2020 @ 9:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Seleya & Lieutenant Commander Michael Essex

Mission: S01E05 ConQstador
Location: USS Musashi - various

=/\= Science Lab 1 =/\=

Essex had been so engrossed in his work that the he hadn't heard the terminal beeping. When he did he switched it on without thinking. The screen fizzed and shifted to a familiar image. "Hello Michael."

Essex supressed a hiss at his own stupidity. "Admiral Ross," he said diplomatically.

"Finally stopped avoiding my calls did you?"

Michael sighed. This would not be pleasant.

Michael sighed, "Hello Harry. What can I do for you?"

"For one stop avoiding my calls. Listen there have been some developments. Everything is out in the open."

Michael raised an eyebrow in a manner that would have made a Vulcan proud. "Oh? What is out exactly?"

Ross filled him in. They had heard about his rank demotion and after investigation the reason became clear and Seleya's ability it was all out there.

Listening to Ross talk had made Michael sick with worry. "And that means?" He asked it somewhat weakly.

"That means that everyone, almost everyone has been properly disciplined. It also means that the reason for your rank reduction is not a shame for the brass and thus congratulations Admiral Essex, you are back in full rank. Apollo is yours again and your first officer is tickled pink to have you back. He'll retain his rank of Captain but will you XO for you."

Michael stared at the image for along moment. "What if I don't want to come back?"

Harry Ross sighed. "No choice here Mike. If it makes it better Seleya is being transferred to the Apollo as CMO."

He sighed. "I..."

"She'll be given the rank of Commander and no harm will come to her because of her gift...speaking of which. There is one thread left to remove on that. We got everyone here on this end but there is someone on the ship that may try to get to Seleya."

Michael slammed his fist onto the desk. "You didn't think to lead with that?"

Harry bit down on his lip to keep from yelling back. He knew of Essex's feelings towards the doctor. "Michael I know what you are feeling. I'm sending you all we have. You'll have to figure out who he is...and since he probably knows what happened here ..."

Essex didn't wait. "Send the file!"

It took mere seconds for him to get it. He closed the coms and began to read. Something...something about what was written was coming to him, a familiarity....Ensign Higgins!" He stood abruptly and using the computer located Seleya, what the hell was she doing in the observation lounge? At this hour?"

=/\= Observation Lounge =/\=

Seleya walked towards the observation lounge with her medical kit in hand. She had received the call minutes ago about a medical emergency. She briefly wondered what someone would be doing there at this hour but she was a doctor and she had to act.

She'd grabbed the first med kit she could and had hightailed it towards the lounge.

It was funny she had thought, just an hour ago, about heading there. Looking at the stars always seemed to calm her. Not for the first time that night her mind with to Michael. She had done a lot of thinking about him.

She had made up her mind in that respect to act. She had searched her mind and heart and had discovered that she had been in love with Essex for a long time. Things never quite worked out for them but she was determined to make them work out now.

As she reached the observation lounge she hit the code to enter. Rushing in she saw only darkness.

She had just been about to call for lights when a voice spoke behind her. "Hello doctor."

Whirling around she called for lights and gasped. There was Ensign Higgins with a phaser. It was not set to stun. She could see that right away.

To be concluded...shortly....


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