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Lieutenant Commander Seleya

Name Seleya

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Vulcan & 1/2 Unknown
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5"11
Weight 169 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black with Amber Flakes
Physical Description Seleya is tall and well-toned and has curves in all the right places. Appearance wise her face is almost the typical Vulcan elongated face but just slightly more rounded on the chin. Her facial features are those of a humanoid yet her pointed ears, which she keeps covered with her long flame red hair, are all Vulcan.

Seleya walks with confidence and is never in a hurry unless there is a medical emergency. Her motions are graceful and elegant like most Vulcans.


Spouse NONE
Children NONE
Brother(s) UNKNOWN
Sister(s) UNKNOWN
Other Family UNKNOWN

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seleya is very Vulcan in her personality. Some find her to be cold and unfeeling but she is anything but that having a strong compassion and caring for her patients. She has a very vulnerable side that she keeps under a Vulcan armour and she only lets it out with people she trusts. Seleya, while appearing outwardly confident, is quite insecure about her looks and her personality. Both her unknown side and Vulcan side, seem to be two extremes of a coin, are constantly at war with one another. Seleya is honest to a fault and can always be counted on to tell it like it is.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Dedicated
+ Never gives up
+ Honest
+ Organized
+ Loyal
+ Speaks her mind
+ Logical yet is able to think outside the box

- Not very diplomatic
- Lacks tact
- Too honest
- Stubborn
- Can be viewed as emotionless
- Not a very good bedside manner
Ambitions * To find her parents: Who they are and why they left her
* To find out what her true path is
* To find a belief in herself that her supervisors and CO’s have
* To excel in her job and provide the best and most up to date care for her patients.
Hobbies & Interests * Reading
**Writing (Poet)
*** Horse riding
*****Working out

Personal History The Early Years

Seleya was born on a stormy night on October 31st 33 years ago. Her true place of birth was unknown but was listed as The Forge Region of Vulcan as she was found at the T’Karath Sanctuary as an infant of no more than 3 moths.

The Vulcan priestesses took her in and raised her. She attended regular schooling as a Vulcan but found that he had no friends and no confidants to turn to. Because of her dual heritage and her curviness she was teased mercilessly by the other Vulcan children and was shunned by them.

A quiet student she excelled in her studies and kept to herself in the hopes of one day becoming a priestess at her monastery where she lived.

At the age of 16 she was told that because of her dual heritage she was not able to become a priestess and her world was shattered. Having always had a calling to help people she eventually gathered what finances she could and left to join Starfleet Academy when she came of age.

The Academy Years

Seleya joined the Academy knowing that she wanted to be a doctor. During her time there she studied ever second she got from a wide number of sources. She was known for always questioning and always wanting to be the best. She kept to herself for fear of being pushed away as she was on Vulcan and mostly kept to herself while at the Academy.

She did join a few clubs such as the Riding Club, the Debate Squad, and Academy Poets Society but was always the wall flower absorbing the culture rather than being in it.

Upon graduation she continued her medical studies for two more years to build her knowledge on the Lunar Academy Campus. From there is joined the USS Dragon as a Medical Officer.

The Officer Years

On the USS Dragon she excelled in her work but was often criticised on her bedside manner. She was thought of as cold and too truthful, lacking tact. This all aside she excelled in her work and soon was transferred to the USS Fraiser as a full medical officer.

Aboard the USS Fraiser she quickly moved up the ranks, managing to improve her bedside manner, only a little. She soon took on the role of Senior Medical officer and after three years she applied

At the age of 29 she was promoted to Assistant CMO and moved to the USS Apollo. There she served honourably wans was given several citations for bravery in the face of battle when her ship engaged the Klingons. She quickly was promoted to CMO after only 3 years in the position at 33 she was heading the Apollo’s medical department and had served not only as Chief Medical Officer but Chief Surgeon.

At the Age of 32 not really feeling like she belonged and unable to form a connection with the Apollo crew she applied to be transferred to the USS Musashi as the CMO.

While she waited for the transfer she took a year's worth of vacation time and leave time to go back to Vulcan and to try and find information about her family.

Service Record Vulcan -- From Grade one to High school level

Starfleet Academy (4 years)

Starfleet Medical (2 year Extension)

USS Dragon - Medical Officer Junior Level

USS Fraiser - Medical Officer
USS Fraiser - Senior Medical Officer

USS Apollo - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Apollo - Chief Medical Officer

USS Musashi - Chief Medical Officer