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Medical Work Up

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2019 @ 10:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Seleya & Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Lieutenant Kylian Linwood

Mission: S01E04 The Outpost Has Eyes
Location: Sickbay, Deck Five


Seleya had finally organized the sickbay. She'd sterilized the surgical room and equipment from top to bottom and the sickbay. She'd also alphabetized and sorted all the medication and equipment implementing a colour code to keep things organized. She'd repositioned the beds and created a counter of sorts in the resting room and even had a section cordoned off as a quarantine section. She'd carved out a private office for her and her staff and a waiting room for patients. Her exam rooms were re-stalked and cleaned. She had worked all night along with the crewmen from ops. This morning she had a few senior staff members to see and she was looking forward to it.

Linwood was with her as much to observe as to help out. She believed in a trial by fire for her staff and they would learn on the go. This was the first time he'd see the newly organized sickbay. She had yet to give her staff a tour, that would come later.

Captain Donatella Figueroa walked into Sickbay with the child in her arms. She was, as Nurse Vinia put it, supposed to be 'establishing a familial bond between newborn and mother' which included holding the baby, putting the baby to sleep, nursing the child, and spending any free moment she had with the child. It was more work than anything else, but given Nurse Vinia's psychiatric background... Fig trusted the woman knew what she was doing.

Sickbay looked well put together. It was more orderly than she had ever seen in. Even Doctor Hill who had a stick up his ass the size of the Musashi itself had never organized Sickbay in such a manner. "My God Doctor," she said looking at Dr. Seleya. "You were not kidding about getting Sickbay in order," commented the Captain as she held the child close to her chest.

Fig had a little hat on the child to hide it's faint cranial ridges. She looked at Dr. Seleya. "I thought you could do a two for one today. He's a few days old and we haven't had the time to give him a thorough check up after delivery. Obviously, the Federation doesn't know much at this point about Klingon anatomy especially half Klingons," she said somewhat anxiously. "But you'll find that Nurse Vinia has put in a bunch of new information to the Musashi's medical database about Klingons, more directly Klingon childcare and pregnancy. We needed the information when I was carrying... we haven't shared it with the Federation or Starfleet yet," added the Captain.

Seleya gave a nod indicating that doctor Linwood should take the child. "You gave birth a few days ago?" she said, waiting for the captain to hand Linwood the child and to climb on the bio-bed. "Yet you are now on duty?" She would have a talk with the former CMO. "You should be resting and bonding with the child."

Kylian took the baby and set him carefully in a nearby infant bed that they had prepared before the exam. The child was actually quite adorable and stared up at him, while gumming one of his hands. Normally chatty, Doctor Linwood stayed quiet today. At least while the captain was there. He stood nearby, staying out of the way, but observing intently.

"You damn right I am on duty," replied the Captain. "I lost my XO who was also my Chief Science Officer to reassignment, and he took my Ship's Navigator and the Chief Engineer with him. My starship has been without a proper Chief Medical Officer for a few months now, my Head Nurse has been doing her damn best in that capacity interim. I've have to take my Chief Communications Officer and bump them up to the XO vacancy and Engineering," Fig gave a brief run down. Honestly, she could have gone on at great length.

She glared at the Vulcan. "I carried it to term. It's living aboard the starship and I'm breastfeeding it. I think I have bonded enough with the child," countered the Captain. "Would you like to take over as it's mother?" she asked sarcastically.

"Hm... I see." She looked at the child and spoke to it as if it were an adult. "I suppose if you got your temperament from your father and added your mother's you would be leader of the entire empire." Before the Captain could respond Seleya drove on. "It was not meant as a criticism. It is, however, my duty to point out that you are breaking rules and that you should be at home resting. That being said, I never follow doctor's orders either, nor do I like rest, idle hands and all that. I would suggest an uptake of vitamins and a few other little gems to assist with strength. As for the child, have you picked a name?"

Fig scoffed. "Look Doc, I just need you to tell me I'm healthy as an ox, albeit one that just gave birth. Then send me on my way so I can lead this landing party without it being against medical advice," replied the Captain. "As for the child? Well, let's just put it this way... it took a lot of pow-wows and kumbayas with various members of this crew past and present that past few months to convince me to keep him full term and deliver him. I don't necessarily regret doing so, but no, I have not decided on a name. There has not been a baby shower and before you even ask, yes, I know who and what the father is. I know where he is, and I don't want to see him," rambled the Captain.

She held up her hand in protest before anything further could be said. "Nobody outside this starship knows that child is half Klingon besides the father. Nobody in Starfleet Command or Admiralty. Most of them did not even know I was expecting until I took maternity leave. Why? Because when you give birth to a Klingon child everyone questions if you can be trusted. Did I sleep with the enemy and all five hundred questions you can only imagine Admirals will have. I delivered a healthy male child. That's what the official records currently say and that is how they will remain," she said matter of factly.

"And before you bother to ask, no. I didn't hike up my skirt and invite a Klingon boarding party in," she said crisply. "So, that's why I'm not bonding with the child and why I struggled with carrying him this far along. I look at him and I do not see a child. I see the parasite that was put inside of me and it has the face of evil... but as my former XO would say 'That child is innocent regardless of who its father is' and so I'm doing my best to see it that way."

Seleya looked over at the woman. "Feel better?" She didn't allow the woman to respond, "I make no judgements of you or the child. I can only imagine the predicament you are in and what you have been through. The fact that your son is here is a testament to your strength. Are you healthy? Perhaps. I will examine you to make sure. Will you lead the landing party? If you are well enough, yes." She wondered if her own birth had been as traumatic to her parents and or mother. Perhaps that is why she was abandoned. She looked again at the child and could not help but feel a bond to it. Both somewhat unwanted. "If you will please lay back, I will run the exam and then tell you what you must do to stay healthy, then I will examine the child."

Well enough, thought Captain Figueroa. It was a bedside manner that some may not like, but it was reassuring to Fig.

She waited for the captain to lay back and in the meantime flipped the wall switches that would activate the sensor above the bio bed. She would allow the readings to flow through. As she got ready for the exam, she slipped on some gloves, more of an empathic protection then for germs. "Elijah mind the child."

From the shelf a little squirrel moved over to stand guard of the crib. "Captain." She motioned with her hands. "The quicker you cooperate the quicker the exam will end."

Figueroa scurried closer. "I'm sorry, I was just looking at you rodent," she said with a smirk. "Can we train him to perhaps gnaw on the face of a Klingon. There's one I'd just love to have him do some plastic surgery to," teased the Captain as she did as the Doctor instructed. "You have my cooperation, Doc."

"Actually he seems to like biting Admirals... he's bitten Admiral Essex twice. I've had to save the animal twice from an airlock." She sighed as she did the readings. "Your blood pressure is high, but I have something for that." She made a few notes in a notebook that she kept on an instrument table. She finished the readings and then asked Figueroa to sit up while she reached over and pulled an old style stethoscope out. She saw the captain gawking at her. "There is only so much a machine can tell you. I prefer other methods." She stuck the ear buds in her ear and placed the round end on the captain's chest. "Deep breaths now."

The Captain did as instructed and took a deep breath. "So... where do you keep your leeches and how many limbs have you had to amputate, Doc?" asked Figueroa in jest. She had seen some of this equipment before... in simulators and in textbooks. It was all very archaic. "I'm more and more fascinated with you each moment."

She shrugged and then listed to the heart and the lungs, made a few notes and reached for tongue depressor. "I am far from fascinating. I can assure you of that." She held up the depressor. "Open please."

The Captain opened wide. "Ahh," she said whilst doing so.

Seleya checked the throat. She made a few more notes. "Good news is you are fine, in a way. Bad news is you are have a tiny vitamin deficiency that is due to you giving birth. Also, I will need to give you something for your blood pressure. I will give you two shots that will help with both issues. I will examine the child now." She turned and gently lifted the baby from its little bed. She gently took the hat off and laid the baby down on the bio bed. Turning on the sensor she studied the readings. She then listed to the baby's heart and with efficient yet gentle hands, tested the babies reflex and sight. She made some notations and then put the hat back on the child. She lifted him, almost hesitating on handing him over. "He is fine. He has strong lungs and seems to be developing normally for a Klingon child." Seleya had treated one Klingon before. It was just after the Apollo was attacked. "The child should have a name. I will need to enter it into the birth record."

Kylian spoke Klingon. It was part of the reason that he was aboard the Musashi. They had a very interesting culture. Their physiology was amazing. They were strong and durable. He looked down at the child again. He had remained silent during the exams. He was surprised at the captain's admission about the baby and surprised at the contempt she held for the infant. He wondered if this child would ever be loved. Would his mother hate him like she did now, forever? Kylian himself had grown up in a very loving house with parents that often seemed to think he could do no wrong, but here was this tiny child, barely begun and already with the weight of war on his shoulders. He still said nothing, but gave Doctor Seleya a sad smile.

Seleya noted the look Kylian gave her. She could sense the emotions running through him. She still held the child and then relinquished it to Kylian. "Doctor why don't you go ahead and give the child a vaccine against Tellerite flu. I understand a crewmen is down with it. We need to protect the child." She hoped he would leave her and the captain for a moment.

Kylian nodded. "Of course, Sir..." He held out his hands for the baby and when he was handed to Kylian he took the infant into the other room where the vaccines were kept. "Come pugal'," he said to the baby one they were in the other room. "chay' Duj rur SoH?" he asked, knowing the child would not answer him, but it was fun to practice the language.

Seleya waited for the captain to speak first. She had asked about the name, she wondered if the captain would respond or if she needed to repeat the question. She felt an instant bond with the child, both were unwanted.

The Captain had been lost in thought for what seemed like several days, but was only mere moments. The Doctor's brow raising and Vulcan stare snapped her out of it. "Sorry Doctor," she said apologetically. "My mind is all over the place lately. A name? Could you just have the records say child X or something? I'll need some time before I settle on a name. It wasn't like I was looking forward to motherhood."

"I will refrain from entering anything now. Starfleet requires that a child's name be entered within the first month of birth." She tilted her head to the side. "Until a suitable name is found, I will call him Krasan."

"The Child," replied the Captain. "That is what I will call him, until I have decided upon a name. As I've said, I have not informed Starfleet of the entire nature of the pregnancy. They do not know the child is Klingon... half Klingon. Let's continue to overlook that information until I've had time to decide how to inform Starfleet Command... and my mother."

Seleya looked around as if to see if anyone was overhearing. Elijah was there but the squirrel wouldn't tell. She looked over at the captain. "Captain I can pretty much guess the circumstances of his creation and I know you must have mixed feelings. I would like you to remember something though. This is a child, he is healthy, and strong. While he is a part of his father and a constant reminder to you he is also a part of you, a part of you who didn't choose or ask to be here and to be a product of such happenings. I understand it is hard to bond. He will hate his father for what he did to his mother but he will also hate his mother for pushing him away and perhaps he may feel alone and thrown away." She spoke from experience being left by both parents as if she mattered nothing. "I know how you feel about what happened but your willingness to try with the infant talks to your strength and courage and true soul."

The Captain felt as though Dr. Seleya would appreciate the sentiment. "Your argument has logic" she replied to the Vulcan. "I need to stop thinking about how the child came to be and just accept the fact that he is. That is all that matters. He is and I need to do whatever I can to keep him safe and raise him to appreciate the Federation and to do that I need to avoid setting myself up from being a resented mother."

She gave a nod. "I feel comfortable giving you both a clean bill of health." She called Linwood back in and took the baby. "I just have to take the weight now." She placed the baby on a scale and noted the weight. She then picked him up and gave him to the captain. "Both doing well. I will however need to give you some vitamin shots before you go." She turned and loaded the hypo. The bottle was only half full with the right does. She held the long cylinder and placed it on the captain's shoulder. Twisting the vile she pushed down on it hearing the hiss as the dose emptied. "All complete."

Kylian stood by, smiling a little. He wanted very much to offer his help naming the baby, since he spoke Klingon and could potentially help the captain pick out a good Klingon name. Although, at the moment it seemed a little inappropriate to suggest it. She might not want a Klingon name and he couldn't say that he really blamed her, so he kept his mouth shut and continued to smile.

"Thank you, Doctor Seleya," said the Captain. "I wish I could say it's been a pleasure, but that definitely would not be true. I hate being poked and stuck with things. However, you were not nearly as much of an annoyance as Doctor Hill," commented Fig, referring to one of the ship's past Chief Medical Officers.



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