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Checking Everything Meout

Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 11:23pm by Commander K'Niras Sh'howul & Lieutenant Junior Grade Shras th'Zarath

Mission: S01E04 The Outpost Has Eyes
Location: Cait
Timeline: Back Post


Shras was glad to be off the ship. Really glad. True Cait wasn't Andoria, but he was warming up to the place. But hey, that's why he joined Starfleet in the first place, so he was having the time of his life. There was one problem, deciding what to do. He only knew one Caitian. Trick was finding him. It was like the old Earth saying. Something about needles and haystacks. So in the meantime he just went on a "self guided tour".

K'Niras had been sticking pretty close to the captain in the bar, but when he had a moment he slipped out. As much as it was good to be home, K'Niras had not always exactly fit in with his own people. He had been the runt of the litter. At five foot eight, he was barely taller than most of the humans he served with. Caitians tended to be large, especially the males. K'Niras' size often got him mistaken for a female, as well as his lack of prominent mane. It quickly became uncomfortable for him in a room full of his own people. Every male either hit on him or wanted to challenge him. He stood outside the bar for several moments just enjoying the air and the lack of staring.

The street outside was not very busy. There were a few people out, but most of them seemed to be moving with a purpose and not paying much attention to a lone, male Caitian in a Starfleet uniform, standing outside of the local watering hole. K'Niras was glad of it. He needed a break.

Walking along, Shras noticed the small Caitian in Starfleet garb. "K'Niras?" He waved.

K'Niras turned and smiled, recognizing Dorian. "Greetings, Lieutenant. Are you finding your way around?"

"I am for the most part, thanks. Beautiful planet, I must say," Shras smiled.

"Great," K'Niras responded.

"Feel good to be home?" the Andorian asked.

"No," K'Niras answered with commitment. "I'd rather be back on the ship to be honest."

Shras was sort of taken aback. Personally he'd love to return to Andoria. A part of him was always there. "Anything wrong?" he asked. "I have a pair of ears. Wanna talk?"

K'Niras shrugged. "Nothing really to talk about." He looked around. "I'm sure you've noticed how much smaller I am than most of the Caitian males... I have no mane... I'm a funny color. I was the runt of my litter. My mother's sister told her that I would die because I was so small. Of course, I didn't die, but most of the male Caitians in my life have wanted to challenge me at some point, because I'm an easy target." He shrugged. "At least Starfleet doesn't care about how tall I am or whether or not I have a mane."

"Totally agree there," Shras said. "I sort of feel the same on Andoria. A blue face in the crowd so to speak. Well, if it helps, you're the most badass Caitian I know." Shras smiled

K"Niras laughed. "I will take that as a compliment. I know the humans usually mean it as a compliment. Did you see anyone come of the bar earlier? The captain has lost her communicator. We're afraid that someone has taken it. Normally, when a Caitian steals something, they can't get somewhere fast enough to look at their items, so they will hide close by. I'm hoping that is exactly what happened."

"I gotta admit I didn't see anything like that. Close by, eh?" he asked. "I believe I did see a tall male. Striped markings, duck into an alley. I didn't think much of it."

"Well... I might need some help to get it back if it was him. Care to join me?" K'Niras asked, his eyes on the Andorian, but one ear kept flicking back to the alleyway that Shras had indicated.

"I'm with you," the Andorian grinned.



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