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Things Are A Little Gassy, Part III

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2017 @ 3:39am by Commander Christopher Samuels MDiv, PhD & Commander K'Niras Sh'howul
Edited on on Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 3:10pm

Mission: S01E01 - At the Brink of Night
Location: Zaran II, Clan Kle'Sen Settlement
Timeline: Continuation from Part II

Christopher had been glad that H'thern decided to step out of what was considered a dining room. He needed this privacy with K'Niras, they needed to discuss what H'thern had given him. He was a confident man, he knew his science, he knew his ministry, and he knew how to be a commander in Starfleet. He just didn't get his rank from just time served, his rank came from proving himself over and over again. But this was different, this was him flying solo, it was as if he was in command, and he had to prove to Fig he could do this. A CO typically consulted their XO before a decision was made, and Christopher was doing just that. He set the PADDs on the table, which seemed to be made of some sort of balsam but was quite low to the ground. His first thought was that the wood like substance was brought in, but for all he knew there was some vegetation that grew in the mountains. It was something he didn't need to worry about now. "Are you okay?" was his first question. "Has anyone been in to talk to you?" was the follow up question.

"Let me first say Commander, that I am glad to see you again. I'm perfectly fine, mostly unharmed and have even been brought refreshments, which are lovely, but our hosts have also been very silent. At least to me. Do you know where any of the others are?" K'Niras had been sitting at a table, but now he stood, his ears laying back with his concern and his tail bouncing with anxiety behind him. "I tried to engage the people that bought food and drink in conversation, but they kept telling me to be patient. At least you are unharmed. You are unharmed, correct?"

The commander nodded at the lieutenant's question. "Yes, I'm fine, it seems I was only separated from the pack because of my rank, position, and my gift for algorithms," Christopher replied. "Ensign D'Darra and her security team were beamed back to Musashi, I've been assured they are unharmed as well. According to H'thern, they were not needed and you and I were only kept on the planet because of our ranks and positions in the command structure. At least, that was the reason I was given as to why you and I." He set the PADD like devices on the table. "I'm glad you are okay." He was glad K'Niras was okay and unharmed, which was a tremendous relief on his part. The dealings with H'thern had been peaceful, and he had no doubts that the other Zaranites were exactly the same way. Though, he didn't want to make assumptions, the Zaranites had, after all, deceived him. He indicated the information devices on the table. "We have been given a gift it seems, but I am not so sure we can take it." He held the Caitian's gaze for a moment. "H'therm has offered us part of their sensor technology in hopes that it will protect the Federation from the Klingons. H'thern feels there is another war brewing between us and the Klingons."

K'Niras nodded in agreement. "I'm not surprised they feel that way. I think many of us could be convinced that there is another war brewing. The hostilities to support that claim have definitely been present. I am curious as to why they think we need a gift of sensor technology. We have very capable sensors already. Unless they are suggesting that they know something of potentially new Klingon technology and think that we could perhaps use... a leg up?" He wasn't sure if that was the correct phrasing for the saying, but he knew Christopher wasn't stupid and would get his intended meaning. "I'm not sure what our rank has to do with anything... but I do have to say that I'm not super fond of their deception or lack of obtaining permission to transport us... I appreciate that they have reunited us, but I did not appreciate being separated in the the first place. It seemed tactical in purpose. We should try and contact the Musashi. I believe, that at this point, demanding communication with our ship is not unreasonable, as a sign of good faith."

That certainly was a lot to take in at once, and Christopher felt it best to take each question/comment one at a time. "From what I could tell, their sensor technology trumps ours, though I'll only be able to confirm that when we can get these specs translated," Christopher said. "H'thern definitely wants us to have the leg up concerning the Klingon's, K'Niras. When sie talked about the Klingons hir body language and voice changed, sie was definitely angry and sad mixed in one big ball of emotions. Sie stated they have been a problem in the past, and the Zaranites know about the war and how it went for the Federation." He sighed as he replayed the conversation in his head. He didn't want to defend the actions of H'thern, but he could certainly empathize with their plight. "As for our rank, don't forget you and I have the Captain's ear first and foremost. We make up the command team, and though the Captain has the final say, our opinion will tend to have more weight than others who make up the senior staff." Whether that was true in Fig's case, he couldn't be so sure. Executive Officers and Second Officers were in place for a reason. "You and I wouldn't be very effective in our roles if we just rolled with the punches. I'm guessing H'thern figures we can at least offer our thoughts on all of this." Again, he indicated the PADDs that sat on the table. "When we get back to the Musashi I will speak to the Captain, but I am going to want you and your team to translate these ASAP."

"As for contacting the >Musashi, we are free to or we can get transported back. We are not prisoners here," Christopher added, stressing the last bit. "Though I do agree, the Zaranites methods are unorthodox, and I did tell H'thern that sie had no right to snatch us up the way sie did."

K'Niras listened closely and nodded. "I'm glad we are not prisoners. I am also grateful that they wish to help us." He picked up one of the PaDDs and started to look it over. He still didn't like the way they Zaranites had handled themselves, but he could also accept that their cultural ways might be a little different than what K'Niras was used to and he was willing to not hold it against them. "I believe I can provide you with a translation fairly quickly. What is our next step, Commander?"

"If you can get those translated, even partially, we can be on our way," Christopher replied. His HUD changed as all the readouts turned red. "I think our next step has been determined for us."

"Your ship and Captain are waiting for you," came the soft voice of H'thern. The Zaranite was back in hir robe, but the hood was not currently up.

"We should really..." Christopher's words were cut off as he felt the familiar sensation of his molecules being pulled apart. Not again, he thought to himself. He locked his gaze on K'Niras' who seemed just as surprised as he was.

Then the two were gone.

H'thern looked up toward the ceiling as if sie could see beyond the artificial rock and into the open sky. Sie had dreamed about seeing the stars again, but it would not be in hir lifetime. "Safe and happy journey Commander Christopher Samuels... safe and happy journey." H'therm then smiled wistfully and folded his arms within hir robes and left the gathering room with high hopes that Commander Samuels would be a voice for the Zaranite people.


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