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Posted on Thu Oct 5th, 2017 @ 5:30pm by Admiral Ke'gak

Mission: S01E01 - At the Brink of Night
Location: QIH Qa'
Timeline: Present

Dukr, son of Kehor, was his first officer. He had been Ke'gak's first officer for almost two years. The boy was committed, the commander had to admit. His assistance had been exemplary. He was young and eager when he had joined Ke'gak's crew. Now a whole year later he wasn't so boyish anymore. Dukr had filled out nicely, tall and sturdy. If Ke'gak had been Dukr's father he would have been proud of the boy.

He had never given Ke'gak any trouble, not until he started this personal war with the human female. Dukr had been there. He knew what was happening. He knew why this was all so important to Ke'gak and yet, the boy continued to glance over his shoulder disapprovingly the entire time. When they were pillaging Federation outposts, Dukr hadn't been so sensitive. Maybe it was about tradition, maybe it was personal. Ke'gak couldn't really be sure.

There was also another problem. One that Ke'gak prefered to ignore. He didn't even want to think about the implications. It flew in the face of everything that he stood for. His own feelings were infuriating. In the last year he had served with Dukr he had increasingly found himself rather attracted to the boy. It was both disturbing and confusing to Ke'gak. He had never. Of course he had admired other males, even found them great, but attraction, physical attraction, had never been part of the equation.

He found his eyes straying to Dukr over and over again and not just because he was his first officer. The boy was attractive. His long, thick, black hair hung to his waist and all of his muscles were well-toned and nearly damn perfect. It enraged Ke'gak to no end that this boy, this petaQ BOY, could distract him so much from his duties. It was also considered very much a disgrace to feel this way about a person of the same sex. Ke'gak tried to blow it off as wishing he was younger, admiration of the boy's physique, but in his heart of hearts, he couldn't find any other reason for it than pure physical attraction.

It made him feel defective. Making his issues all that much more prominent. He felt unstable anyway considering in the last year his whole world had come crashing down around him. He felt like his entire existence had been for nothing. Perhaps his hopelessness was what opened his mind to new considerations, but whatever the cause it made Ke'gak even shorter and more curt with his first officer then he already was and the crew was starting to notice.

"What is wrong with you?" Dukr growled at him in a corridor one afternoon. "You used to be this great man... and now. What is happening to you Ke'gak?"

"You!" he blurted. He didn't even know what caused him to speak before he thought about what he was going to say, especially around Dukr, but it slipped out before he could even control it. He hoped that perhaps the first officer would not take it the way Ke'gak had meant it and that perhaps he should do some backpedaling, but instead he stood his ground, knowing that Dukr might take it the way Ke'gak meant it, but he would never admit to it.

Ke'gak was correct. Dukr stared at him for a moment, as if he had grown a second head and there was a long, awkward pause. There was horror and wonder and confusion all at the same time in his gaze. His mouth suddenly didn't seem to know what to do either and he went a little slackjawed. He decided that maybe it was best if he pretended he hadn't heard Ke'gak's response. "Just remember that we serve the Empire and not just your every whim..."

"Get out of my face," Ke'gak said in a low growl before pushing past Dukr in the corridor and continuing to his quarters, leaving his first officer standing there wondering what had just happened to him.

Two days later...

Another Klingon armed with an energy weapon, a disruptive pistol by the looks of it. That Klingon took aim at Fig herself. The Captain drew her weapon, but before she got off a shot, the Klingon was struck down.

Ke'gak lowered the disrupter, after shooting his first officer in the head. "Stupid petaQ! I need her ALIVE!" He spit toward the fallen Klingon officer. Unfortunately, when he shot the officer with the disruptor, the officer splattered all over Figueroa before hitting the ground. Ke'gak looked at the human woman with what might either be amusement or pure madness. The Klingon was a rather imposing figure. He was not the tallest of his bridge crew, but he still stood an imposing 6'4". He was nowhere near fat, but everything about him was wide, sturdy and solid.

Fig looked at the Klingon that her security escort took care of. The Klingon bleeding on the ashy soil of the moon. "Doctor, tend to that Klingon," Fig ordered.

Phillips spoke first. "I wouldn't bother. He's dead," said Phillips matter of factly. "If not he can't be helped. Those are vipor hollow points. It's like a buzz saw flying around in there." As he dropped his hand to his side not putting his weapon away just yet.

~Mooning the Klingons 09/26/17 By Captain Donatella Figueroa & Lieutenant Commander Ezekiel Hill & Lieutenant JG Shras th'Zarath & Ensign Ethan O'Donoghue & Chief Petty Officer Alphonso Phillips & Commander Ke'gak

And that was the end of that.



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