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Snappy Lunch

Posted on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shras th'Zarath

Mission: S01E01 - At the Brink of Night
Location: USS Musashi
Timeline: Current

It has been an interesting mission so far to say the least. But now since the Enterprise and Constitution were escorting their Klingon "friends" out of the system Shras finally had some downtime. He was at a loss to what exactly to do, however. Knowing that doing something was preferable to boredom he simply decided to take a walk. He nodded to fellow crewmates before a familiar urge hit him. "How could I forget!?" he said to himself. He made an about face and headed straight for the mess hall.

He entered to see the place buzzing. "Must have a special or something." he said to himself. He looked at the line and threw his hands up. He went to one of the display cases and got himself his trademark orange juice and a sandwich and then started to scan the room for a place to sit.

Danael had just sat down to his meal, a salad, with fresh berries, and raspberry walnut vinaigrette, with a glass of sparking water with just a hint of grapefruit flavor, when he saw the blue skinned chief navigation officer walk in, grab his own food, and start looking around. When his eyes fell on Danael's table he nodded and smiled before waving him over. "I'm Danael, I don't think we've met." he said, standing and holding out his hand as the man approached.

"Thanks." Shras said as he put his food down. He took the mans hand. "My names Shras. Pleasure to meet you," he smiled.

"Likewise." Danael replied. "I've spent the last several days, since coming aboard, going over medical files, and I'm finally starting to remember faces, and names. You are the chief navigator, correct?" He asked.

"Guilty as charged, I guess." he laughed.

Danael smiled, glad he'd gotten it right. "So, how do you like the Musashi so far? I'm finding it to be quite interesting." he said, and then took another bite of his salad.

"Same here." he replied. "Very interesting." he agreed as he took a drink of his juice.

Wondering to himself if he was rambling Danael decided to let the other man make the next move in this conversation. Settling in to his salad he savored the taste of the fresh berries, a mixture, from blueberries, to strawberries, and a few in between.

"So.." Shras said, trying to get a conversation started. "Musashi your first posting?"

"Yes, sir." Danael replied. "I've only been aboard a short while, and graduated from the academy less than a month ago. Musashi was my first choice of ships, and somehow I lucked out and got her!" he replied, his youthful enthusiasm creeping into his voice.

Shras smiled. "How are you liking her so far?" he asked, impressed with the young nurse already. He took a bite of his sandwich, thinking back to his own first ship for a fleeting moment.

"She's beautiful, and I find myself quite impressed with how well run the sickbay is. I had only the experiences from the Academy to base my expectations on, and was afraid that reality would fall far short. I've been pleasantly surprised on all fronts." Danael replied. "How long have you been on the Musashi?" he asked before digging back into his own food.

"Actually arrived aboard recently." Shras said. "Transferred from USS Springer." he said with a certain quiet pride. "Loving every minute of it!" he smiled.

Danale nodded as he chewed. Once he'd swallowed his bite he spoke again. "I've heard of the Springer. Good ship, and you obviously enjoyed your time on her, from the tone of your voice when you said it. I'll bet you have a lot of stories." he said.

Shras took a sip of juice, nodding as he did. "Indeed. They're a crazy bunch on shore leave!" he laughed.

Having finished his own food, and pushed his plate away, Danael had leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table. "I can't wait to get to go on shore leave. I'll bet it's easy to create some interesting stories being in Starfleet." he said with a grin.

Just then Shras was paged to the bridge. the pair said a mutual goodbye, promising to pick up where they left off

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