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Safety Sweep

Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 6:16am by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Lieutenant Commander Ezekiel Hill & Lieutenant Junior Grade Shras th'Zarath & Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethan O'Donoghue & Ensign Danael Stephens
Edited on on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 11:40am

Mission: S01E01 - At the Brink of Night
Location: USS Musashi | Deck 1 | Bridge

The Captain's small moon landing party had only been gone for a few quick minutes, leaving young Ensign Ethan O'Donoghue in command, but with this mission...every minute that past felt as though it multiplied tenfold. Fig and her team were able to distract Ke'gak, stall the Klingons, buy more time for Commander Samuels and his Zaran II landing party should they need it, but Fig and the Musashi were also able to force the hands of the Klingons a bit.

Those ridged headed devils were being herded by the USS Enterprise and USS Constitution, shepherds of the Zaran II star system (today at least) as the Federation starships 'escorted' the D6s and D7 Klingon battlecruisers out of the Zaran star system and away from Federation space.

Fig and some of her landing party returned to the Bridge. Chief Petty Officer Phillips was sent to return all the weapons to the armory and ensure that everything was in its place and do a quick inventory check.

"Congratulations and good work, EJ" said Fig with a bit of a smile. "You held down the fort and didn't start an interstellar war. That's definitely worth praise" she teased.

"EJ, bring us back into orbit of Zaran II. The Commander should be ready to return soon enough" said the Captain.

The Musashi's shields had been down momentarily to permit the Klingons and Fig's landing party to beam back up to the starship. "Just to be on the safe side, I want a level 3 sweep of the Musashi. I want to make sure no Klingons came aboard while our shields were lowered" she said. It would not be the first time a worthy foe made such a cunning attack.

Shras had just sat down at his station. "Aye, Captain." Shras said. "Better to be safe than sorry." he said. He ran his hands across his console. What he saw was somewhat alarming. "Uh, Captain. My board may be wrong but it says we have a visitor."

Though there were no Klingons visible at the moment, The Captain instinctively went to reach for a non-existent phaser holstered at her waist line. It was not there. "EJ, signal an intruder alert" she commanded.

EJ smiled at the captain "Well i aim to please captain" he said as he pushed the intercom button on his console "This is a ship wide communication we have an intruder alert, be advised all decks be on alert" EJ said as a wave of worry hit him nurse Stephens was still in sick bay and ethan worried that maybe this Klingon would start there.

"No unexpected visitors in sickbay at this time. I will be en route to the bridge to assist with localizing the anomaly." Danael replied to the intruder alert. Without the doctor present, and the medical crew so skeletal, the job of minding the store had fallen to him. Grabbing a medical scanner he headed up to the bridge.

Fig took a deep breath. "Shras, internal sensors. I want a deck by deck search from the lowest deck up to the Bridge. Find that Klingon life sign" ordered the Captain.

"Searching." the Andorian replied. He did it deck by deck as asked, with most of the ship showing clean. That was until he got to the ship's very top. His heat sank. "Can't pinpoint a specific location, but I'm reading a single Klingon lifesign....on Deck 1."

With Shras' narrowing, Fig grew greatly concerned. If there were an intruder so near by...why could she nor the others see them. some sort of personal cloak? she pondered. Fig noticed that Nurse Stephens and Doctor Hill both had medical tricorders with them. Sometimes medical officers do come in handy she thought.

"Nurse Stephens, Zeke, scan the Bridge for Klingon bio signs or anything peculiar at all" Fig ordered the two medical officers.

Zeke had been hoping for a reprieve. His encounter with the Klingons on the moon had been the first in many years, and he felt faintly shaken. The fact that the captain killed a Klingon under the guise of mercy compounded his feelings.

I'll have to have a talk with her later about that. Zeke thought soberly to himself.

"Aye Captain." Said Zeke, as he scanned the bridge. "It's a faint signal -- barely detectable."

Zeke walked around the bridge, scanning junior crew members as he stepped by them. With each step, the signal, while still faint, grew more prominent on his scanner -- and then approached Fig. The tricorder bleeped in confirmation, as if it were accusing the Captain.

A prickly chill shot up Zeke's spine. He reviewed the Captain's medical records several days earlier, and there was no trace of Klingon blood anywhere. Zeke convinced himself that this was the tricorder's error.

"That's impossible." Said Zeke. "Stephens, can you confirm my findings?"

Danael had arrived just as Zeke had been asked to start scanning the bridge to localize the readings, and had been waiting with his own scanner just in case his assistance had become necessary. "Scanning now." he said, approaching the figure of the Captain. Holding his scanner up he started at her head and made his way down. Upon reaching her abdomen his eyes got wider and wider. "Captain, his readings are correct. I am not sure you want this discussed on the bridge." he said, confirming what the other man had already discovered.

The Captain, whom had been standing near a console on the Bridge turned a ghostly shade of whitish pale before looking rather green. She partially fainted, collapsing slightly, but not going down without a fight. She braced herself against the work station.

Fig clenched her abdomen for a moment, looking up and around at the Bridge crew around her. Silence. There was just utter silence. She said nothing though her lips trembled. She mustered all her strength and rerouted it towards her legs, charging for the turbo lift as her eyes watered and tears ran down her face. Mascara had begun to run and she looked disheveled as she plowed into to lift and immediately descended downward.

She left no orders. She left without a word, but command would fall onto Shras until Commander Samuels and his landing party reported to return back from the surface of Zaran II. There were no words, but all eyes turned to the Andorian....

Shras was as dumbstruck as the rest of the bridge crew. He said nothing as he took the center seat. He didn't know what to do, but didn't let on. "Inform security that we have a visitor." he said.


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