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Sleepless Night - Part 1

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2020 @ 3:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Seleya & Lieutenant Commander Michael Essex

Mission: S01E05 ConQstador
Location: USS Musashi | Various
Timeline: Current


=/\= Lt. Cmdr. Essex Quarters =/\=

Essex sat up tossing aside the covers off of his bed. He paced the small confines of his quarters. He was frustrated beyond belief. He couldn't sleep, his mind was...going a mile a minute. Why did Admiral Ross want to speak with him? What was going on?

He should have responded to the admiral's request. He should have called him back but nothing good ever came out of Ross's mouth. He was known for messing things what was so damned important. The call had been placed to Admiral Michael Essex. He was no admiral, not anymore.

Sighing he decided to take a walk. Throwing on some jeans and a t-shirt he headed out to roam the halls. It wasn't long before his roaming's took him to the science lab. Being in the lab always calmed him.

Essex sat down at the computer terminal and began reviewing what was on deck for the next few days. Several things jumped out at him but only one would take him all night to do. He settled on work. It would distract his mind and when it was done he'd be refreshed and feeling a lot better about things. He may even decide to call Ross back.

He pulled up the program and began reading the background. It took him all of an hour to get through it and then the real experiment would begin. As the program prepared to run he began to gather the equipment he needed. He was determined not to waste the night.

Sighing he settled in and began bringing up the samples one by one. It didn't take long for him to be engrossed in his work. It didn't take long for his mind to get snagged by science.

=/\= Doctor Seleya's Quarters=/\=

Seleya was finding it hard to sleep. She was tired beyond measure and while Vulcan's could go weeks without sleep she found it hard to go a few days. The last few days had been rough. Minor injuries everywhere and more then once she had to use her hidden empathic talents to help a crew member. She was drained.

Not only that when she managed to get a few hours of sleep her mind took her to dreams of a certain ex-admiral. She had gotten away from him when she left the Apollo. Part of her had been happy because her feelings for him had only grown. It was not right but somewhere between when she'd left and when he'd shown up again she'd figured out that she was in love with him. It was illogical but it was a fact.

Seleya gently pulled the covers back. She sat up and padded to the bathroom. After a quick shower she dressed in her uniform. She may as well get some work done if she could not sleep.

It didn't take long for her to arrive in sickbay. She brought up the lights and took to doing something she knew would sooth her. She began to clean and sanitize sickbay. It had been done just a few hours ago but with her there was no such thing as clean enough.

Within the hour she was engrossed in cleaning so much so that her mind was too preoccupied to think about the good Admiral...that is until she finished the cleaning. It was then that her treacherous mind went to Essex. She sighed and headed for her office. Perhaps some paperwork would distract her enough. She had spoken to a trusted friend of her feelings and the friend had insisted she talk to Essex. How was she going to do that? How could she broach the topic when in her mind he was still off limits?

She switched on her screen and started pulling up files. She would think about what she had to say or not say later. Now it was time to loose herself in work.

=/\= Science Lab 1 =/\=

Essex had been so engrossed in his work that the he hadn't heard the terminal beeping. When he did he switched it on without thinking. The screen fizzed and shifted to a familiar image. "Hello Michael."

Essex supressed a hiss at his own stupidity. "Admiral Ross," he said diplomatically.

"Finally stopped avoiding my calls did you?"

Michael sighed. This would not be pleasant.

To Be Continued...


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