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The Call

Posted on Sat Dec 7th, 2019 @ 12:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Seleya & Lieutenant Commander Michael Essex

Mission: S01E05 ConQstador
Location: Earth, San Francisco (Various)

=/\=Earth, San Francisco, Admiral Michael Essex’s Quarters =/\=

Richard paced back and forth in the tiny room. “I can’t believe you gave up your rank!”

Essex shrugged, “It had to be done. There was no choice.”

Richard sighed. He knew his friend too well. “This will give you a chance to be department head again, you’ve ensured Donatella gets her crew and ship back, and you can watch out for Seleya.

Essex smiled, “There is that too.”

“But you love your ship. You could have had command of it anytime, go back to Captain why Lieutenant Commander?”

“The Apollo is yours now. Richard I am where I need, and, where I want to be.”

Richard sighed. “Alright old friend. I’ll drop this for the moment.”

Essex grinned. “Good. Now last night on Earth? How about we hit Handson’s it’s been a while.”

Richard smiled, “Let’s go.”

Essex closed his last case and put on a pair of jeans and an Academy jacket. It would feel good dawning the blue in the morning. He couldn’t wait to see the rest of the crew and wondered how much things had changed for them.

=/\=Earth, San Francisco, Doctor Seleya’s Quarters =/\=

It had been another rough week. Seleya came home, dumped her bag on the floor and stripped off her uniform. She finished disrobing and got into the shower letting the hot water wash away the grime of the day. Starfleet medical had been great…for a day or so. This week she’d been working with cadets and putting them through their paces. She was tired. Was it just her or were cadets getting more lippy?

Last week had been the roughest because she had never felt more alone. Her pet Elijah had suddenly died. She’d tried everything to save him but…in the end he’d passed away. Seleya had been silently devastated. She’d taken a few days to ‘Meditate’ but it had not helped. She’d spent the crying. It was funny how the little squirrel had become family.

Seleya got out of the shower, dried her long red hair, and slipped into her favourite dress. It was a one shoulder strap black dress with blue, gold, red, and white lines and gold swirls. She added a black shawl and her gloves of course and headed out. She’d go to Handson’s tonight. The pub restaurant always had good food and more importantly good desserts.

She needed to keep her mind off of the loneliness she felt in the moment.

As she was about to exit a chirping drew her attention. She walked over to the computer terminal and opened the message that awaited her. It was a summons of sorts. She raised a delicate eyebrow. “Fascinating. Could it be another deployment?” She sighed. She’d deal with that in the morning. She had all night to pack. She knew that she wouldn’t be sleeping. She’d slept little since Elijah’s death. There were days like this when she didn’t feel very Vulcan. She hoped that a night out might help her gain back some of her strength.

=/\=Earth, San Francisco, Handson’s Bar and Grill =/\=

Richard and Michael sat at the bar nursing a brew. Both seemed happy to just sit and remember their adventures together. It was Michael who pivoted his stool and looked around. He’d always been an avid people watcher.

The doors opened again and Michael gasped.

Richard turned and followed Essex’s line of sight. He grinned. “Why don’t you go say hi? You are after all just an LTC approaching another LTC. Go for it.”

Essex smacked Richard in the shoulder. “Shut up.”

Richard laughed. “You are such a child when it comes to her. For the sake of all that is holy. Would you already tell her how you feel?”


Richard rolled his eyes. He stood up. “Seleya!”

Michael paled. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Richard laughed. “Here she comes.”

Seleya had heard her name and immediately saw her former XO and the Admiral. She had hoped to spend time along but seeing that it could not be avoided she headed there.

When she reached them she simply gave a nod. She noted that Richard had an extra pip. “Captain, congratulations on your promotion.” She then turned to Michael. “Admiral.”

Richard grinned. “Well actually Admiral …”

“Stuff it Richard.” Essex stood. “Listen I have to go.” He backed away, tripped on a stool and went down causing a riotous laughter from all who saw.

Essex shot to his feet.

“Admiral are you alright. I can…”

“No! I’m good, all’s good. I have to go.” He scrambled out of the bar.

Richard was still laughing. He put an arm around Seleya and gave her a kiss on the temple. “Thanks Seleya. That was fun.”

She raised an eyebrow… “I don’t understand…”

Richard grinned. “Long story. I’ll let Michael tell you.” He finished his drink and headed out. “I better go see if he bruised his brain in that fall.

Seleya watched after them. She had always known that her former XO and CO were close friends but implying that the Admiral’s brain was located in his behind was a bit much. She shrugged. She’d never understand humans.

Sighing she found a booth and settled into her originally planned quiet meal.


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