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What Worries the Mind

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 4:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Seleya


Seleya wiped the steam from the mirror with her hand. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her freshly washed hair always looked darker wet then when it dried. She pulled the above sink cabinet opened and removed the little bottle of walnut oil. Drizzling a large amount onto her palm she rubbed her hands together and then spread the oil through her hair and on her scalp. It was one of the luxuries she afforded herself.

She dressed in her nightgown and combed her hair through one more time. She would let it dry naturally as it seemed to gain its body and volume from that. Walking out of the hotel bathroom, that had been her home for the last week, she walked over to the replicator and ordered a peppermint hot chocolate, another luxury. She took it to the sofa and sat down.

Seleya preferred to write out her logs but she was exhausted. She’d been taking a few courses this last week, seminars really, all were on new advancements, new Starfleet approved treatments, and new medications. She always wanted to be one step ahead.

She added a small recording tape, a flat rectangular green disk, to a small portable recorder box. It slipped in halfway with a click to tell her the tape was locked in place. “Lieutenant Seleya, personal log, I prefer to write these out but exhaustion seems to have won out today. The trip to Vulcan had netted nothing. I was not able to find any information about my parents. In fact more questions have filled my mind. I had another month left but Admiral Essex required me back. I cannot understand his reasoning as the Apollo is not yet refitted for duty. He wishes to speak with me in the morning. I must admit to …feeling some apprehension regarding the conversation. It is odd for him not to tell me what the conversation is about especially knowing I dislike surprises.”

She paused and sipped her hot chocolate letting the minty flavour trickle down her throat. “I spent some time in the forests by the Forge and did some meditating. I had hoped to understand a few of my own thoughts better but could not. As of late I feel that I have been changing but weather it is for the better I do not know.”

She placed her mug on the small coffee table and stood. She looked around the little space that was her room. It was quiet luxurious. She wondered why they had assigned her this room. Perhaps she was getting fired. At the horrifying thought she staggered a bit and had to sit down. “I have just thought of something. I have been treated quite well as of late. I worry about this. Humans…tend to treat people extremely well just before bad news is given. I am now wondering if that is to be my fate too.” She reached over and switched off the personal log.

Feeling exhausted beyond all measure she decided that she would need to start her log over in the morning. She reached over flipped the silver switch that would erase her personal log and decided to head to bed. She left her hot chocolate unfinished tied her still damp hair and pulled the white covers back from her feather soft bed. She slipped between the crisp cool sheets and decided that her body and mind needed rest. Whatever Essex was to say to her tomorrow could wait.



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