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Death Is a Funny Thing

Posted on Thu Feb 8th, 2018 @ 4:31pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethan O'Donoghue
Edited on Thu Feb 8th, 2018 @ 4:31pm

"Computer Start Log" Ethan's voice was shaky, his hands were shakey also emotion rode his voice like a freight train "So today the worst news dropped, im still in shock, i dont know weather this is a stark joke or if this is infact a truth" he spoke "Computer-Play Cut by the artist Plumb" he spoke as the opening Piano keys began to play, the tears rose in his eyes like a flood threatening to burst its bowes " Why wasent i there?" he choked, speaking into his personal log "I had so much to say, so much i needed to say" he said wiping away the tears, only for more to stream down his face. To the right of the young ensign a bottle of Kentucky bourbon, and its accompanying glass, Cracked and fractured in places, a gift on his graduation from craig, it had been past from there grandfather to craig and craig passed it to EJ. Uncorking the bourbon he shakily poured himself a double measure into the glass "I dont quite know how this happend, my heart is literally breaking" he said as he downed the measure in one " The moment teh captain told me, it was like i'd fallen through a glass ceiling" he said pouring another measure and nursing it in his hands "Now all i feel is this hollow feeling where my heart used to be" Ethan spoke as he sipped from his glass " Its like a gaping wound in my chest that wont heal" He said shaking, as the tears contiued to fall like a battered river bank.

"HE HAD SO MUCH TO BLOODY LIVE FOR" EJ shouted as he looked at the picture of him, craig and paddy on his graduation day " I never got to tell him how proud of him i was.." EJ said as he downed another measure of bourbon "I never got to tell him how much i respected him" he said wiping residue bourbon from the corner of his mouth, Pouring another drink he held it up to the picture of him and his siblings "Heres to you Big Bro, the only person who could physically make me feel thick" he said as sipped from it, The song was still playing and EJ contiued to look at the picture on his desk "I promise you craig, Paddy will be safe here on the mushai with me, i promise to look after him like you did me" he said kissing his hand and placing it over his brothers face on the picture "You were a great officer, you could have been a great captain some day" He said choking back the tears "Another thing i'll promise is that i continue to face down these klingon dogs and get my own command and your sacrifice will not go unwarrented" he said as he slammed the bourbon and pushed the class aside.

"Computer Stop Personal log"He spoke as he went to lie on his bed, The tears would not relent but he knew tonight would be one of those nights he cried him self to sleep "Rest now my Soldier Know that i'll always love you, ill do you proud promise" He said as he rolled over to face the wall "Computer play Enjoy the silence- by Depache mode" He said as he lay there just contemplating everything "Computer play it on lowest volume setting" he said as the volume decreased alowing for his eyes to drift off and find slumber.


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