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Things Are a Little Greasy

Posted on Fri Oct 20th, 2017 @ 6:26am by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Lieutenant JuniorGrade Fethraie D'Darra & Chief Petty Officer Alphonso Phillips
Edited on on Fri Oct 20th, 2017 @ 7:08am

Mission: S01E01 - At the Brink of Night
Location: Musashi
Timeline: Immediately Following "Things Are a Little Gassy Pt. I"

The harsh landscape started fading away and Feth launched into a vocal protest but was already understanding that even the suit-to-suit comms immediately vanished as soon as the transport started. She did not have to wonder long as to where they were going at the Musashi’s transporter room started to materialize before her. Behind the controls, a highly confused operator was looking back and forth between his controls and what his eyes told him.

“The controls just spun up. I had no control at all,” said the operator as the transporter pads powered down.

Feth and her security team were all there which meant that Samuels and K’Niras were in the hands of the Zaranites and unaccounted for and unsecured. She threw off her gloves, tore off her helmet and threw it to the side. Feth tore away at her suit and found her communicator. “D’Darra to Figueroa. My team has been forcefully transported back on board. Commander Samuels and Lieutenant Sh’Howul have been abducted by the Zaranites. Permission to assemble an armed away team and head back to the surface?”

The Captain was anticipating her Executive Officer and the rest of the landing party return soon enough, but this was far sooner than she had anticipated and not under the conditions as planned. She had stormed off the Bridge and retreated into the starship's Chapel. Fig had no intentions on communicating with anyone, but the tone in Feth's voice was one that sounded somewhat like alarm but with stern Vulcan control. Fig shot up from her back flat position on the chapel pew.

Donatella quickly retrieved her communicator and gave it a flip. "Stand down" replied the Captain sharply. "Stand down, Ensign" she added clearing her throat as she had spent the past few moments in an emotional landslide. "We have taken care of the Klingon presence in the system" Fig reported giving the woman a quick update. "I understand the situation...prepare a team but take no further action" stated the Captain.

She took a deep breath. "We cannot jump to conclusions here. The Zaranites have never taken hostile actions before. Their culture is still strange and quite foreign to us. I want to make all attempts possible at re-establishing contact with Commander Samuels and Lieutenant Sh'Howul before I get aggressive" she explained herself.

Feth listened to the Captain’s words through her commbadge and she looked at her own team awaiting orders. “Are we certain the Klingon presence has been taken care of? The Zaranite representative did declare their knowledge of a Klingon team on the surface lurking about.” Feth felt a pang of anger and anxiety well within her. “I remind you, your First and Second Officers are both unaccounted for and unsecured, held by their abductors, with Klingons in the area. Do you still wish for me to stand down?”

The Captain responded firmly. She was in a bit of a mood, feathers ruffled and not invested in pleasantries. “You have your orders, Ensign D’Darrah” replied Fig swiftly. “The Klingons will be clearing out under escort of the Enterprise and Constitution. I do not need lectured on the command structure of my starship nor do I have time to explain the fine details of inter species diplomacy. I appreciate the concern, Ensign, but I am not ready nor willing to go in phasers hot” ordered the Commanding Officer. “I have my own orders. Diplomacy and peacekeeping must prevail above all else” she added sharped tongued.

“Affirmative, Captain. Standing down.” As the channel closed, Feth continued to remove the environmental suit. “You two, you heard the captain. We are to prepare a team, but take no action until ordered. Get to your stations and be the minutemen I trained you to be.”

Feth marched out of the transporter room slapping at her commbadge. “D’Darra to Chief Phillips.”

Philips had been monitoring the away team. Tap "Philips here." Replied Alphonso knowing he had better get ready for an away mission.

“Ready your team Chief. Commander Samuels and Lieutenant Sh’Howul have been abducted by the Zaranites. We are ordered not to respond just yet as the Captain awaits further communication and/or diplomacy. I need weapons ready to be handed out and I need both our teams on standby for whatever is coming our way.”

"Consider it done." Said the Chief without hesitation or mental reservation. Members of his crew were missing, and he would want them to come looking for him if he were missing in action also. The words Leave no man behind Came to mind. He quickend his step and issued orders as he went. By the time he made the armoury, five other enlisted security types were waiting and putting on battle EVA suits. The team was assembled and ready to rock and roll. Each member carried a Star Fleet rifle and a 45. Cal Handgun. Just in case Klingons decided to show thier ugly mugs.

Seven minutes later, Philips flipped open his communicator "Philips to D'Darra, away team formed armed and ready to deploy on your orders." He said calmly.

Once that was said and done, Feth pressed on through the corridors to the Security Office. While everything was fresh in her mind (the Zaranites, the surprising instantaneous transport, an entire civilization living in unnatural mountains), she wanted to get started on her report.


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