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Irish Package

Posted on Sat Dec 14th, 2019 @ 4:23pm by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa & Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethan O'Donoghue

Mission: S01E05 ConQstador
Location: USS Musashi-A - Deck 1 - Bridge

It was close approaching time for the USS Musashi-A to disembark from the Federation listening post and proceed to the dangerous world of Rigel VII to investigate the sudden uprising of a monarchy seemingly overnight, and the rumors of an all mighty Queen of Rigel VII with powers and abilities that were 'unearthly' in nature. Though Fig suspected there was nothing more to this woman's powers than shrewd charlatan with a quick sliding hand and a charismatic personality. Captain Figueroa was fully prepared to deal with this 'Queen' and expose her parlor tricks if need be; However, it was becoming increasingly apparent that the Federation was not ordering her to Rigel VII to dethrone her majesty so much as assess the situation and determine what to do from there. This first and foremost a reconnaissance mission, not a coup d'etat. Though it may eventually come to that.

The Federation was intrigued about this mystery woman and how a supposed off-worlder was able to not only seize control over the planet of Rigel VII, but also potentially have the Orions in her pocket, subservient to her every need or order. Fig's crew had their orders and more specifically, Fig had her own personal orders given to her by Commodore Hoffman and passed down through the pipeline by the highest of Starfleet Admiralty and Federation bureaucrats. They were looking for any possible way to turn the tides of the war with the Klingons even if it meant becoming strange bedfellows with an illegitimate monarchy.

Fig had hardly had time to get acquainted with her new Captain's chair did the communications officer aboard draw her attention away from the mission ahead. "Captain," said the Saurian communications officer. "Incoming transmission....and vessel" said the communications officer as sensors started going off left and right. What the hell is coming in that fast thought Fig as she was about to raise the ship's alert level from green to yellow. One could not take too many chances with the Klingons about. "It's Federation, Captain...a courier vessel transporting correction, someone. They are requesting permission for ship to ship transport."

The Captain was suspicious. It wasn't common during peace times for the Captain to be armed while on the Bridge, but again these were not peace times and Fig had been thoroughly trained never to lower her guard in such dangerous times. She had a phaser holstered on her waist and she was already getting ready to reach for it just in case. This was not a 'trick' the Klingons were known for, but before her lifetime she had heard stories about the Romulan War. The Romulans would be able to fake sensor readings as Federation vessels and transport explosive devices onto unsuspecting Federation starships. "Permission...granted, but be ready to beam the damn thing right back at them if I give the order" she added.

EJ had been back in the throng of Starfleet for a few days now, after Craigs funereal. It had been a while since he had seen the mushai "Well i'll Be damned shes all shiny and new" he spoke under his breath as he looked out the window of the, He laughed as he herd the voice of the captain, He waited for the transporter to beam him over, he disappeared in a few blue orbs, pressing his comm button as he rematerialised in the transporter room "Lieutenant Junior Grade O'Donnaghue to Captain Figueroa Where do you think your taking this damn ship with out me" he said with a slight smile on his face as he waited for her voice to crackle over the comms.

The Captain was overcome with emotion. Her phaser was not needed at all and her hand moved away from it as she launched herself forward to the spot where her former Ensign and Chief Helmsmen stood. Her arms were spread wide like the wing span of a bird of prey, but once around him those arms came around his back and pulled him close to her chest. "EJ" she said softly holding back tears of happiness. "Oh God EJ. You are here" she said softly, her voice shaking a bit. She did not let go of him. It was like a mother seeing her missing child, the feeling of being reunited with him took her away from the reality around her. All eyes were definitely on the two of them.

When she did let go, Fig looked at what would have been EJ's seat on the previous Musashi. The Helmsmen's chair was occupied by a Lieutenant Junior Grade office she had been assigned by Commodore Hoffman as an "Acting Chief Helmsmen" until a permanent replacement could be found. She did not even know what the woman's name was. "Lieutenant..." said Fig looking at the woman.

"Bisset, Captain" the woman replied as a reminder to Fig.

"Right" answered Fig. "Lieutenant Bisset, please take navigation" ordered Fig who motioned for the ensign occupying the navigator's chair that he was no longer needed on the Bridge. "I believe we've found our Chief Helmsmen" commented Fig who looked at Lieutenant O'Donoghue as if she were searching for confirmation from him that he would accept the position.

As soon as his captain flung her arms around him EJ squeezed tight "Would I leave you and this ship" he whispered. His eyes welling up with tears, he had the Musashi, but more so his commanding officer. WIth the previous Musashi being blown half way to Abilene he had the funeral of his brother moved to earth space dock. His tight hug didn't relent "I missed you" he said as he looked to the seat that was becoming vacant "Kept ma seat open I see?" he said wit ha slight cocking of his eye brow and that irish crackwhip wit.

She nodded. "I didn't think you were coming back though. The Commodore gave me the assignment and assigned me crew. Your name wasn't on the manifest thought. I checked all over for it...hoping" she said calmly.

He looked to her as she let go of him "I hear by take my position of chief helmsman back" he said sitting on his famed seat, pressing his communicator "Al con Crew of the Musashi I repeat the Banshee is back i repeat the banshee is back" he said with a wink "Now Heading Captain?" He said with a wink "Or do ya just want me to punch it?" He said with a wink of his left eye.

"We have a bit of time before you need to 'punch it,' EJ. You might want to take a bit of time to freshen up on the controls. She's similar to the Ares class, but more in line with the Constitution class. Do you know how to control one of those?" she asked with a smirk. She was fairly confident that even if he hadn't sat behind the helm of a connie before, he'd get the Sentinel class down in no time. "Shras is aboard," she said with a smile. "I'm sure he's been a bit blue lately without you."

EJ looked to her "I actually tinkered with a constitution class before I was ordered back here sharpish" he said smiling, he heard the name Shras and his eyes lit up "I spent some time tinkering with the upgrades to the Hades-A Captain. Captain Lightwood asked me before I transferred back" He said studying his controls "Aye just like riding bike" He said rubbing his hands over the console "A little less greasy than I remember" he said laughing a little "If it's okay with you captain I'd like to go an acquaint my self with my quarters and see if I can get my self back to well how is was" he said standing up.

Fig nodded "Glad I was able to get you back. Lightwood has a tendency to snipe the best and brightest 'free agents' he can when they are in between assignments" replied Fig. "Go get yourself acquainted, EJ. We'll be underway soon enough. Lieutenant Commander Sh'howul takes the next watch in about an hour thirty. I could meet you in the lounge for a drink if you'd like to play catch up. I haven't tried out the lounge yet."

EJ Flashed her a smile "Captain I believe I owe you a drink" he said smiling "1 hour and 30 it is" he said laughing "Oh and Captain take it from me might want to call Captain Lightwood he misses you" he said with a wink leaving the bridge, his hands in the slacks of his uniform as he walked towards the turbo lift that would take him to the deck his quarters were on.

Fig blushed a bit. Lightwood she thought to herself. 'Light' the man certainly was not in that aspect. She had allowed herself to wander a bit with her eyes as any woman or man should given her single status, but he was far too young for her. "I'll be sure to send him a polite hello assuming the Klingons haven't gotten to him yet" she said to EJ before he was entirely into the lift.


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