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Captain's Log: Sheliak Corporate

Posted on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 @ 4:38pm by Fleet Admiral Donatella Figueroa

Mission: S01E04 The Outpost Has Eyes

"Captain's log Stardate: ------- (18th November 2255) It is with deep regret and a heaviness bearing down upon me that I must document the decimation of the Boradis III colony, a remote Federation colony on the final frontier of space, beyond that of Federation protection. The USS Musashi was dispatched after a distress call was picked up, but we were too late to save the colony. The planet had been attacked and laid to waste. It was nothing but a wasteland of radiation and corpses, only a few survivors, but despite our best efforts only a select few of them were able to be saved.

My Chief Medical Officer reports that given the exposure to the radiation and the effect of the alien weaponry used on them, those that survived this massacre will face health complications for years to come. Our investigation of the planet resulted in some peculiar findings. The presence of an R3 life form was detectable, arousing suspicion. One member of my crew; Ensign Ethan O'Donoghue, Ship's Helmsmen was abducted from the planet's surface. His whereabouts were a mystery until recently.

Additionally, I lead a small team to an asteroid where a distress signal was transmitting on an old frequency. The discovery there yields more questions than answers, a crashed Andorian vessel predating the Federation was discovered to be the source of the transmission. Our investigation uncovered evidence of survivors; however, only one member of the crew had survived all these years in stasis. It was a decision I grappled with for some time, but I did ultimately decide to wake the individual who now is slowly adjusting to the news. I understand that my decision may be unfavorable to some of the admiralty, but faced with pulling the plug and terminating his life or leaving him in stasis to the point where a system failure would ultimately bring him out of stasis, I felt this the more prudent course of action.

More recently my starship has come practically bow to bow with an alien vessel with R3 lifeforms aboard, and the signature of one human male later confirmed to be my missing crewmember. This alien vessel is like nothing I nor any of my crew have ever seen. We have been slowly working on translating messages from the alien vessel who significantly outguns us with their advanced weaponry. An armed confrontation with them would likely destroy my starship.

These aliens seem to view the Federation colonists on Boradis III and invasive 'pest' to which they have sought to rid the planet of. Though our previous survey vessels lightly charted this region of space and determined Boradis III as uninhabited and unclaimed, it appears our exterminator 'guests' have laid claim to the planet and we believe several other class H planets in the sector. A star chart of sorts was included in their last transmission which seems to identify the Boradis system and the neighboring Armens system as part of this 'Corporation' that our exterminators are or a part of. We have yet to fully understand them, but they appear to be known as something we haven't translated...corporation.

I've fought with Klingons, dealt with Orions, and have been present for first contact missions before, but these corporate aliens are extremely hostile and I dare say Xenophobic to a level of which I have never personally experienced. When they say exterminate, I believe they full well mean it. They will not hesitate to commit genocide on inhabited or colonized worlds they feel they have a right to. I find myself questioning how I am going to respond to them when I can respond to them. Aside from trading warning shots with one another, this confrontation has been a stalemate, but if they wanted to, they could annihilate us with one or two shots. This leads me to believe that they are open to negotiations, but I may have to get them to take us seriously..."


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