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Suprise in Sickbay

Posted on Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 @ 6:03am by Lieutenant Commander Seleya & Lieutenant Kylian Linwood

Mission: S01E04 The Outpost Has Eyes
Location: Sickbay, USS Musashi
Timeline: Current


Seleya had left Linwood in the lab next door. She'd left Elijah with him. The little squirrel had taken to Linwood and he didn't seem to mind that it was part of the rodent family. She was just disinfecting the bio beds when the door hissed open. She sighed, removed her gloves and headed to the main area. "Please state the nature of your medical emergency," she called out as she was rounding the corner, something she'd taken to saying, feeling it was both professional and short.

As she rounded the corner she gasped at the familiar face staring at her. "I..." Was she hallucinating? He was wearing admiral pips. "Admiral?"

He grinned. "Hello Seleya. Yes, I'm here."

"But... why?" She clasped her hands behind her back to keep from reaching out to him. Secretly, she'd always had feelings for the admiral. Seeing him caused many feelings to jumble loose inside her. She tried to cover it. She shifted her eyes so he wouldn't see the truth in them... something she always did.

Kylian had just finished the last of their scans and went to start on the next set, but when he did the slides weren't what he was expecting. He paused and thought about how to go about doing what he was supposed to be doing. He finally decided that he needed Selaya's opinion on how to proceed. He got up and went to the doorway, when he heard voices in the main area of sickbay. Admiral? What was an Admiral doing on the Musashi? They hadn't been notified that one was going to be onboard and Seleya seemed to know him. Kylian hung back, listening in on the conversation in the next room.

Essex sighed. "My reasons for being here are complicated. But I am here." Although, it had not been long since he'd seen her, his eyes took in every detail. It had felt like ages. "Part of the reason I am here is to make sure you are safe. Another Admiral... he's heard about your abilities, just rumours, but given the chance he'd lock you in a cage and dissect you. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen."

Seleya turned, her hands shaking, she leaned them on the biobed.

Essex sighed. He walked over and clasped her shoulders, turning her to face him. "I won't let that happen," he repeated. "You haven't used your healing abilities here have you."

She looked away.

He swore softly. "Did anyone see you?"

She gave a nod.


"Doctor Linwood."

He sighed. "The kidnapped one?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Can you trust him?"

"Doctor Linwood is... remarkable. He's bright, and dedicated, and he can be the best doctor in the fleet. He is curious, but very honourable."

He realized he was still holding her shoulders. He stepped back. "Alright. Seleya, you have to be careful. Your abilities are a gift, but others may fear them. Not to mention the effect it has on you. You could be hurt. I don't want that."

Seleya seemed to shake herself out of the mood threatening to overcome her. "You are staying here?"

He smiled and leaned his hip on the bio bed, crossing his arms to keep from reaching out for her. "Yes. For now. I'm going to be taking the head of science role until your good captain gets a new science officer or kidnaps one," he said, sarcastically.

Seleya turned. "Do not say that. The captain did the best she could. Starfleet ignored her plea for staff and on top of it all there is so much she is dealing with, more than a human mind could handle and she is doing excellent under the circumstances."

"I see." It was good to know. "Well, anyway I'm going to be here to help the ship and advise on missions when needed. I'm just one of the crew. I'm not here to pull rank, I'm here to help." And keep her safe. He left that part out. There was no point stating it.

Seleya gave a nod. "You will need an onboard exam." She didn't trust herself to do it. "I will call Linwood." She headed to the panel and hit the communications button. "Doctor Seleya to Doctor Linwood. Can you join me in medical please?"

Kylian swore silently and rushed back away from the doorway and to the companel. "Linwood here," he replied, pressing the com button and trying not to sound like he was in a hurry. "On my way." It would also give him a longer arrival time. It would have looked really funny if she had called him on the com and he'd just popped around the corner. Okay, casual... act casual, he reminded himself, straightening his jacket and walking into the main room with his best customer service smile on. "Greetings. What can I help you with, Doctor?"

Essex studied the man with a microscope eye. One that made COs sweat.

Seleya, for her part, greeted the doctor warmly... or as warmly as a Vulcan could. "This is Admiral Essex. He will be taking a temporary post on the ship to help in science and act as a strategic attaché. Standard onboarding. You have seen me do these. Today you will conduct the full exam, I will supervise." She was giving him more and more duties. While she liked the other doctors and nurses she seemed to have taken a mentoring shine to Linwood.

Despite Essex's CO sweating stare, Kylian maintained his cheerful attitude. "Sounds good to me, Doctor Seleya. Hello there, Admiral. If you could just kindly hop up onto that biobed behind you, we can get started." He stepped away from the bed for a moment to get a medical scanner. "Have you experienced any sicknesses lately, Admiral?" He returned to the biobed with the medical scanner open and ready and a smile still on his face.

Essex grinned, "Not a one... and Admiral's do not hop."

Seleya shook her head. "Admiral be nice."

He grinned like a wolf. "I'm always nice." He sat on the bio bed and waited. He could tell Seleya was already protective of the lad. She tended to get that way. He would play along.

Kylian laughed. "Of course, Admirals hop. Don't be silly." He started to run the medical scanner and he also turned on the panel on the biobed, so he could get those readings too. "Well, you have some interesting scar tissue... here..." He didn't touch Essex, but his hand was very close, as he pointed out the spot he was speaking of, close to Admiral's chest. "Were you stabbed?" He waited, giving the Admiral a chance to respond before going on.

"Indeed," he said. He spoke to Linwood but his eyes were on Seleya as she studied the readings. Even though the time had not been long it felt like ages since he had seen her and his eyes outlined every curve and shape. He felt something he had not since she left... peace.

Kylian's eyes drifted from the admiral to where the admiral was looking and then quickly down at his tricorder. "And your heart rate is elevated..." Kylian frowned. "Your testosterone levels are slightly high... so is your dopamine, norepinephrine, and seroton... in..." he stopped, realizing that all of these things were also indicators of attraction. "Oh... uh. So... some broken ribs that are healed. Some other breaks... Did you have the Rigilian Flu?"

There was a long pause and then Essex realized that Kylian was talking to him. "Oh, yes. Rigilian flu. I did about two months ago."

Seleya came over. "Yes... I was there. He almost died. He was in stage three before he admitted he was sick." She gently put a hand on his chest. "Please lay back. The exam has not been completed." Her hand lingered longer then needed and she pulled it back quickly turned away, busing herself to hide the green blush creeping into her cheeks.

Essex turned to Linwood. "So. Am I gonna live?"

Kylian was looking at Essex with amusement, one eyebrow raised. It was fairly obvious to him that they were attracted to each other. "I don't know... are you?" he asked cheekily in a low whisper. "I'm fairly certain that you are in good health at least..." Kylian said louder. "We're almost done. If you could lay back," he repeated, still smirking.

Essex noticed the tone. He narrowed his eyes. "What you are thinking is not true. As for all those levels... well, I'm sure that's normal for someone my age." He lay back.

"Mm... your age..." Kylian said softly, making sure the biobed was hooked up and working properly. "Wonder what it is I'm thinking exactly..." The smirk remained.

Seleya had drifted out of the room and had come back with some inoculations. She'd asked Essex to get them before she'd left but... he hated them and rarely followed medical orders on that. She walked to the table. "Admiral did you receive the hypos I asked for? I do not see them listed on your file." This should have told her that he didn't, but she liked the rumble of his voice and she indulged herself in that.

Essex, who was laying back with his eyes closed, sighed. "No." His heart rate shot up as she stood near. He could hear her load the hypo and felt her hand on his shoulder... he cursed himself for taking off his jacket leaving him in his undershirt. As she cleared the area and rubbed away the alcohol Essex was, while relishing in her touch, sweating. He heard the hiss of the hypo.

Seleya turned to Kylian. "Doctor Linwood. Are all the readings normal? The Admiral seems to be perspiring a lot."

Essex could have cursed himself.

Kylian snorted. "Oh, he's fine," he replied in an amused casual tone, more casual then he had been. "He's just fine. Go right ahead, Doctor, and stick him with all those hypos. He can handle it."

Essex gave Linwood an evil glare.

Seleya, unaware of the silent communication going on between the two, gently administered the hypos. She took a final reading. "Excellent. I will allow Doctor Linwood to finish his exam."

Essex watched her leave. He turned to Linwood. "What are you smirking about exactly?"

"I wouldn't know..." Kylian said, still smirking. He came out from behind the exam panel for the biobed. "I thought you were the mind reader, Admiral." He started to enter the readings from the biobed into the data bank. "Almost done and you can get back... to whatever it is that you're doing here."

He studied Linwood. "Son, you are just five shades of too smart, but Seleya likes you. For some reason she sees you as someone to be mentored. Just remember, I am the admiral and you are the junior Lieutenant." He was never one to pull rank, but the fact that Seleya was spending more time with Lindwood than any other crew member and the fact that Linwood was not bad looking, had the jealousy bug biting just a little.

Kylian was still not intimidated, nor did he seem impressed. He snorted again in humor. "Don't get your boxers in a bunch, Admiral..." He winked at Essex and leaned in close to him. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone... and I'm not after your girl," he said softly under his breath. "Well, it looks like you've passed your physical and you're in good shape. At least you won't have to have any more innoculations for a bit."

Essex stared at the man wide eyed. He was as tactless as Seleya. Now, he saw what she saw in him. He got off the bio bed. For the first time in a long time he stared speechless. He realized a failing of his own. He'd relied on his rank a bit too much to dissipate uncomfortable situations. "She is not my girl. She is one of the best CMOs in Starfleet. I don't know what in tarnation you think you know but I'd forget it!" There was clear frustration in his voice.

"She might not be your girl yet... but she will be," Linwood said cheekily. He dismissively waved one hand. "Mm... already forgotten. What was it that we were talking about? Oh yes, you're cleared for duty." It was fairly obvious that Kylian didn't take that very seriously either and he grinned devilishly at the admiral.

Essex scowled and grabbed the clearances. He stomped out but as he did he couldn't help but smile at the gumption of the young man.

Seleya, after the admiral left, peeked in and then walked in. "Results?"

"Your Admiral is fine," Kylian grinned. She was a clever girl, did he really need to say more about what he had noticed during the examination? "He seems to be in good health. No disease or illness. He's not bad looking either, but I think he's more your type than mine."

She raised an eyebrow. "Type? He was my commanding officer. He is not... my Admiral, he is an admiral." She made a few notes. "Alright, I shall let you file the health report. I will... go to the lab. You have the sickbay."

"Mmhmm..." was Kylian's only reply. He wouldn't harass her about it, but he would also make sure to keep an eye on what was going on between the two of them. He was rather proud of himself for her trusting him enough to do the exam and the paperwork. It meant a lot to him to be left with important responsibilities.



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