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Late Night Cups of Tea [BACK POST]

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2018 @ 4:04pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shras th'Zarath & Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethan O'Donoghue
Edited on on Wed Feb 28th, 2018 @ 4:05am

Mission: S01E02 D-8 With the Devil
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Current

Ethan had been struggling to sleep, sat in the mess hall reading one of his favourite books, Moby dick Ethan was a sucker for the classics. A cup of tea lay to his side and a yawn had escaped the young ensign’s lips “If I could sleep in the next twenty-four hours that’d be great” he said under his breath, grabbing his mug from the side of him. He looked out the window and in to space “What a beautiful sight” he said as he moved over to the window to sit by it, so that he could admire the view a little better.

Shras came into the mess hall to get his ritual Orange juice and the spectacular view caught the corner of his eye. He made a beeline for the window and arrived just in time to reply to the young ensign. " It certainly is." he said.

EJ looked around to see the chief navigator "Ahh nice to see you Shras, cant sleep?" he said as smiled at the andorion "I can never sleep these days but thats because my brain refuses to switch off" he said laughing "Your more than welcome to join to me in view" he said as he drank from his mug of tea.

"Thanks." Shras replied. " Yeah. I hear you on that one." Shras laughed as he leaned next to a window.

EJ Sipped his tea "I often think to myself that vastness of space, we now know whats out there" he said as he turned to Shras " What do you think of these klingons then?" he said as he looked out the window again.

"Never actually seen one " he began. "However, as a man of honor myself I can't condone how they attacked Archanis IV."

Ej smiled " ive never seen one either, but ive read some horrible things" he said as he sipped from his tea "Archanis IV was a horrendous ordeal i had to write a paper on it at the academy, my god give me five minutes with one and they'll see how the irish play" he said laughing a little.

"Totally agree." Shras replied. He smiled at EJ's comment. "Feel the same way!"

EJ looked at shras " So how do you feel about the mission?" he asked turning to face the navigation officer.

"I believe that any planet that wants to join the UFP should be able to do so." Shras began. "I don't think the Klingons have the right to bully a federation protectorate. Just seems cowardly to me. How about you? But the Klingons..what are ya gonna do?" he shrugged.

EJ Sipped from his tea " Well these klingons know exactly what there doing Shraz, they've done this before" he said motioning his body to a pacing motion "My dad was medical officer in the romulan wars and they did the exact same thing" he said as he drank from his tea once more "theres somthing that dosent sit right with me shraz and i cant put my finger on it" he said as he contemplated the things he was saying.

"Now that you mention it" Shras said. "I have had a weird feeling. Like they have an ace up their sleeve or something."

EJ had to aggree with the andorian, the klingons had to have a plan and now EJ, wanted to explore those possibilities "Well Shras im sure we will figure that out" he said sipping from his tea "Plus im preety sure we can make room for some klingon areggestion" he said winking at the andorion "Well unless you have other ideas my andorion friend?" he said smiling.

Shras smied back and nodded. "I agree." he said, winking himself.


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