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Mission: S01E04 The Outpost Has Eyes
Location: Earth, San Francisco, Starfleet HQ
Timeline: Current


The door chimed to Essex’s quarters. He turned from his packing, “Enter.”

The door whooshed open and in walked his oldest and dearest friend. “Rich. Good to see you.”

Rich smiled, “So what is this I hear the brass approved your Strategic Attaché position.”

Essex smiled, “They did indeed. I’m off to the Musashi.”

Rich laughed, “Not going to be easy you know. You are not in command there.”

“Bah! What’s command? I get to see Seleya everyday.”

Richard watched his friend feeling genuinely happy but a little worried. “Michael be careful. I don’t want you hurt. You are my best friend. Seleya might not feel for you what you feel for her.”

Michael smiled, “She’s the only reason I am alive Rich.”

Richard knew that. He’d watched his friend spiral down into despair and then when Seleya had come he’d been catapulted to life and his former self. What would a rejection do to him? He tried to shake it off. Everything he’d seen from their interaction had shown him that the feeling was mutual. “Well then. Go get your lady love.”

Essex reached over. “Before I got. I have something for you.” He handed the box to Richard.

“What’s this?”

“As my duty allows as an Admiral in Starfleet I hereby promote you, Richard Rogers, from your current rank as Commander into Captain. The USS Apollo is yours.”

Rogers stared at him wide-eyed and rendered mute. “I….I….I”

Essex laughed, “Well what a Captainy thing to say.”

Rogers laughed.

Essex stuck out his hand and shook the hand of Rogers, “Congratulations Captain.”

“I’ll take care of her Michael.” He said.

Essex smiled, “I know you will. Now I got a shuttle to catch.”

Rogers looked around. “Boy….you really packed as if you’re not coming back.”

Essex looked around. “I’m not. My place is wherever Seleya is. Jacob is getting too close. I can’t let him know what her abilities are.”

Rogers sighed. “Alright then this is…see you later?”

Essex clasped his friend on the shoulder. “This ship and these quarters are yours.” He slung the last bag he had over his shoulder and then headed to the Hermes, a shuttle that would take him to Seleya.

As he entered the shuttle he felt his heart pounding. He was going to see the woman he loved. He would finally be free from command and station to be with Seleya. While he still maintained rank and power he was not the commanding officer as Strategic Attaché he was purely an advisor. This was a new chapter in his life. This was his new beginning.



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