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Christmas with my baby!

Posted on Sat Jan 6th, 2018 @ 12:17am by Chief Petty Officer Alphonso Phillips

Musashi Holo deck one - part 2

Chief Petty Officer Philips had pains stackingly look through the data base to get info on Vanessa's family. He had loaded that information into the Holo Matrix and the pictures of loved ones were on the wall. He had also done the same from his side. In fact the place looked like a home that belonged to the two of them, as it might look back on earth if they lived together.

This was of course a gamble, but one he thought was worth taking. So he checked and rechecked the food. The decorations, the tree the lights and just as he realised he had left nothing out, the arch appeared and in walked Vanessa. She was wearing a tight fitting cat suit of Black Purple and dark green, accents in all the right places and her hair was down to her shoulders in the perfect fro! It ringed her head like a Male Lions mane!

She stopped dead in her tracks for a long moment. First the lights, then it was the pictures on the walls that got her, and then the food. She turned to look at Alphonso and the first tear appeared in the corner of her right eye. Light glistened off of it making Philips move in her direction cautiously. As her reached her, she threw herself in his arms and began to sob. The music was vintage Whispers. He had chosen their Christmas album.

"Hang all the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to know you better .....this Christmas!" Sang the Whispers.

"Now now babe.... I didn't want to upset you." Whispered Philips
"I'm not upset love....this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!" She exclaimed. "It's so beautiful. I'm gonna make you trim the tree every year!" She said as she looked deep into his eyes.
"I'd like nothing better my love!" And he kissed her.

The evenings festivities went off without a hitch she told him all about the away mission and showed him pics of the animal that had done all the damage. And he caught her up on ships gossip, of which they were at the top,of the list. All in all it was a lovely evening in the holo-deck on Christmas Eve, and well into Christmas Day.

End of Log


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