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Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Turell

Name Amanda Turell

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Medium length brown
Eye Color Dark green
Physical Description Amanda is tall compared to the rest of her family though most of her height is in her long legs,

She wears her hair long now often way past her shoulders.

Despite the wonders of 23rd century medical tech she has a series of scars on/around her right shoulder and upper arm.


Spouse Nathan Cole- stafleet security (deceased)
Children none
Father Brian Turell, starfleet security officer (deceased)
Mother Maria Turell retired stafleet security officer
Sister(s) Amy Turell- starfleet security officer serving on the USS Johnson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Before her injury Amanda was an easy going but the injury took it's toll on her mentally, she's itching to get back to duty but doesn't want to admit she is far from fully fit for duty.

During her medical leave she started to suffer from mild depression caused from losing her fiancé only a week before their wedding and getting injured enough that she could barely use her arm leaving her feeling useless.

Now her fuse has gotten a little shorter

Has a tendency to talk to herself when working and talking to inanimate objects she's working with.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Good shot with a phaser, grew in a military orientated family so is pretty military minded

+After having to learn to use her left arm for everything Amanda is ambidextrous.

-Amanda used to be a good shot with a phaser until the injury that destroyed her right shoulder, she had regained almost full use of it but it's still weaker than before and occasionally causes her pain.

- Has become a little snappy after her injury
- Hates having to dress as an officer
Ambitions To get back to her pre injury proficiency though she doubts she ever will
Hobbies & Interests Spending time in the gym to try and regain her pre injury proficiency and arm strength

Personal History The late in life offspring of two former Maco's who retrained to security officers when the Maco's were disbanded Amanda and her sister grew up in a disciplined and almost regimented upbringing, she didn't particularly like it but accepted it as the way of life being set by her father. Almost as far back as they could trace her family they had all been in the military and Brian trained his children to follow in those footsteps.

Despite that upbringing Amanda did not want to enter the military as her father insisted and her sister did. Instead she trained as an engineer and when she was old enough joined starfleet to become an engineer and hoped to serve on a starship.

Graduating in the middle of her class Amanda had very good scores in the engineering and combat fields but was close to the wire in the majority of the other fields.

She was assigned to the Deadalus class USS Ajax as an engineer, with the Ajax being relatively old a lot of her time was spent keeping her running smoothly, she hungered for something newer and more advanced but nothing was coming so she had to stick with the Ajax

After several years there she met Nathan Cole a security officer, the pair were instantly attracted to each other possessing many similarities in personality and what they enjoyed, after only a few months of being together Nathan proposed to her and she accepted, they were due to be married a few weeks later but the galaxy had other ideas.

At the outbreak of war with the Klingons both Amanda and Nathan were reassigned to the USS Exeter while the Ajax was withdrawn to be refitted.

The Exeter was assigned to patrol a quiet section of the front and they received reports of a Klingon raider operating nearby and the ship investigated. As they approached the raider attacked and was swiftly joined by two more warping in from over the border.

Under fire from three ships the Exeter was disabled and swiftly boarded by the Klingons intent on taking prisoners. Ready to repel boarders security had already been assembled at key points, Nathan was stationed in engineering as a group of klingons beamed in. He was hit almost immediately and as Amanda tried to drag him away from the fighting she was hit in the right shoulder by a disruptor bolt. The bolt all but destroyed the joint and nearly blew her arm off and she passed out from the pain.

The Exeter was saved when two starfleet ships arrived and destroyed the klingon raiders. Amanda woke up 10 days later in a federation starbases sickbay after undergoing major surgery, her arm had been saved but was in bad shape. The medical staff said it would take a year before she would have full use of it and it would never feel the same again despite their best efforts.

Over the next month Amanda fell into depression both from the feeling of uselessness as she was unable to return to duty in her condition and from being informed that her fiancée had died from the wounds he'd taken during the boarding action.

Gradually the depression was worked through, her learning to use her left arm just as proficiently as she had her right made her feel a lot better and she slowly regained the use of her arm though it was far from the same as before

Given the personnel demands of the war when Amanda was considered competent enough to return to duty she was taken off medical leave and given an assignment. Although she was far from one hundred percent she was happy to be out of the medical centre and to hopefully be assigned to another starship.
Service Record Graduated academy
Promoted to Ensign and assigned to USS Ajax as a Engineering Officer
Promotd to Ltjg
Reassigned to USS Exeter as Engineering Officer after Ajax's withdrawl for war refit
Medical leave: 6 months
Assigned to USS Mushashi-A as Engineering Officer